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Friday, October 15, 2010

Unusual Pact

Love? It is hard to qualify or quantify because nowadays love is a mutual thing.

How far would you go in the name of love? Would you go as far as lending your partner to someone else for even a night just to make him happy? For the sake of love, would you like seeing your partner sucking another stranger’s dick just to satisfy his lusty need or request? This is love unrequited. Would you favor of it?


It is not an odd sight to see a fiftyish man following a younger, hot dude inside a movie house. In fact, that would be a natural or familiar scene, and I could have just ignored them. However, the younger dude checked me out as he passed by me in the theater’s lobby. He is tall, dark, and good-looking. He has a goatee, and wears black skinny jeans, black fitted shirt, and a “jejemon” cap. He is not muscular but he can be a potential “trip”.

Four more times the pair of the younger, hot dude and the older man passed by my path. On the last two times, I noticed another man tailing them already. This interests me because if the younger, hot dude does not like the older man, he could have brushed him off and would not follow anymore. Nevertheless, in this market, others could really be persistent.

I entered the movie house. I saw the pair standing next to each other. The third party stood two feet apart from the pair. Seeing them, I started to build my theory. The younger hot dude and the fiftyish man are together. Either the older man could be a manager since the former could be a “talent”, or they might actually be lovers. The first scenario is unlikely because no manager would indulge or tolerate his talent to this kind of activity. The second one could be a sound theory and there is only one way to find out.

The third party inches closely to the younger dude. This time the latter was facing the audience leaning his elbows on the partition of the aisle and the first row of seats. His head is resting on his hand that makes his torso curl. The third party was already making his move by extending his hand to the curved body of the younger hot dude. With his back on me, I could just guess that he was groping his crotch. Meanwhile, the older man was just standing there glancing at the two. The younger dude straightened up and head for the seats with the third party and the older man following him.

There is no need to follow them. I know what would happen next. If the younger dude would only need a blowjob, the third party would finish him off and they would leave the theater. However, if he would like to give a blowjob also, then there would be some sizing up with the third party. I do not have to wait for something with no assurance. I went to get my own seat on the first row. It only took a few minutes when a familiar shadow sat beside me. (This is another story.)

Several minutes passed, I saw the third party went down. To my mind, I assumed that they acted what horny men must do. Who did who, I would never know. I allowed myself to finish off and went to the rest room. Along the aisle, I saw a familiar stature. As we passed by each other, he gave me that two-second look. I took that as an invitation and I gave him a nod. I continued to the comfort room to pee and wash.

My mind told me not to leave the theater yet. There is already an opportunity to know the real story between the younger hot dude and the fiftyish man. I am expecting that they would be waiting for me inside. I looked at my watch and it told me that it is still early to head home. So, I entered again.

I was right. They were just standing there. I passed by them and made eye contact with the younger dude. That was enough to signal him to follow me. I went to my favorite spot. The row was already empty. The familiar shadow I am with previously has left. I sat and the younger dude sat beside me while the older man beside him. He instantly groped for my dick. I stopped him in the middle because not only I have just finished orgasm but also I need to have my theory validated first. I looked at him and nodded towards the older man. “Ok lang iyan. Kasama ko siya.” He whispered. “Nasaan iyung isa? Di ba tatlo kayo kanina?” I further asked. “Ahhh, di namin kasama iyun. Nagpatsupa lang ako doon.” He grab for my crotch again. I know I would need more stimulation to get me hard again. I pulled up my shirt and pushed him towards my chest to lick my nipples. He complied. He then went back to my crotch. I am already half-hard when he opened my fly. He took my dick inside his mouth and started sucking. He was vacuuming my dick hard that it tickled me. “Huwag masyado sa ulo. Long strokes lang. Nakikiliti ako.” I told him in a guttural sound. He obeyed. Making the right technique on my dick, my erection started to respond. Being vacuumed a while ago, my cock seemed to be longer and thicker, and I am enjoying the blowjob more. He raised his head and whispered, “Jackpot ako sa iyo. Laki ng burat mo, ganda pa ng katawan mo.” He then went to pleasure my body while his hand is moving up and down my dick.

The older man was silent sitting beside the younger dude. He was facing at his companion, watching him pleasuring me. Although I am a bit sure that they are partners, I could not see sadness from his eyes. There was no enjoyment either. He was looking at what the younger dude is doing to me. His hand was on his partner’s back caressing it. Without any warning, he looked at me. I immediately withdraw my gaze and close my eyes. The younger dude returned on my cock. He suddenly becomes an expert in servicing me.

I felt a hand pulling mine to a direction I certainly knew. In a matter of seconds, my hand was already on top of the younger dude’s crotch. I squeezed it and felt hardness inside. I opened his fly and pulled a long slim dick and curving outward. The head of his dick is a little elongated and thicker than the shaft. I enclosed my grip on it and pulled hard upward. The skin followed with my grip easing my strokes. Every time I reached the head, I would squeeze to let his precum ooze and make it as a lube to rub the tip of his cock. He was moaning hard every time I did that. That in return gave some vibrations on my dick. The moans I got from him is an indicator that he is enjoying what I am doing. He could cum soon, I thought. Hence, I gripped his tool very hard and jerked him fast. His mouth on my dick was not already bobbing up and down. Instead, it just remained open making sounds of pleasure. Suddenly, I felt his mouth suddenly gripped my hardness. I could almost feel his teeth. Immediately, fearing for my dick, I pulled him out. He leaned back on the seat and let him orgasm. I saw his cum flying out from his dick hitting the partition in front of us. I continued to milk him making him squirm. He then grabbed my dick and did the same. I told him that I am about to cum so he dove onto my dick again, this time sucking me hard. Within seconds, I blew my load inside his mouth. He was not successful in capturing my entire load that some dripped on the sides of my cock. He milked me dry with his hand. Strangely, I did not see him spit my seed.

We were drenched in sweat. The younger hot dude is still holding my limp dick, still squeezing out whatever is left. The older dude remains silent on his side. I had my second round and I got my answers. I fixed myself up and squeezed the younger dude’s thigh bidding my goodbye. He did the same.


It is very difficult to dismiss that this relationship is that of a requited love on the part of the older man. My gathered information is not enough to make that conclusion. What I am sure though is that the two has created a somewhat symbiotic relationship in the sense that both are benefitting on each other. The younger one provides companionship while the older man provides security. Love? It is hard to qualify or quantify because nowadays love is a mutual thing. Love is a two-way relationship.


Guyrony said...

People, whether fate plays a crucial part or not, will face situations, even they thought they would never face.

The bold truth of life is knowing the unexpected.

Even the unrequited.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog, and i'm having a hard time suppressing a boner! - audie

Trip said...

@Guyrony, "The bold truth of life is knowing the unexpected." and there's nothing that can beat that than being prepared. :)

@Anonymous, it's not always good to suppress what u feel. u should express it in some way or another. :)