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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Want to see my Peacock?

To equip oneself, one must know and learn the system that operates in the jungle.

“Want to taste my nine inches?”  Say nay if you do not want.  But how many would not allow themselves taste or at least hold a real live nine inches meat?  Two things I could guess, they may either be insecure or in denial.  For me, I would want to see one, hold it, and put a measuring tape against it.

Some time ago, I was standing in one of the busy streets of Quezon City when a man approached me.  He asked one question that led to another, and then another.  It was obvious he was hitting on me.  Suddenly, he asked me the size of my dick.  I told him I have not measured it.  He took something out of his pocket and behold I saw a measuring tape.  “Let me measure it.”  He said.  Cool, right?

Some months ago, I joined a threesome.  One of the guys was really hung and I thought he could be a “de-otso” because his erection extended beyond his navel.  The following morning, to satisfy my curiosity, I took a measuring tape and held it against his erection.  I was right.  He was well over eight inches.  I admire the guy because he underestimated his size on the gay site.  He stated his size as L.

Some days ago, I was with a company of friends.  We were talking about some people from PR and Grindr.  We have commonly met these people.  We shared what made us meet them.  A particular personality got our interest because we are currently meeting him.  One of my friends told us that he was eager to meet him because on what he was told, “Want to taste my nine inches?”  Was he able to verify it?  I did not probe further.  Did I verify it myself?  I saw his dick but I am yet to measure it.  If indeed, it is not true what he publicized, then sorry to those who have expected too much.

Someone asked me my opinion on “posers” in the online community, posers in the sense that they are not what, or who they claim to be.  Rationally, people have their reasons why they “pose” to be someone or somewhat else.  It is their survival mechanism.  I see no problem with that.  Ironically, the problem lies on the one who believes easily because it shows how weak they really are.  They are gullible and ignorant to the fact that human psychology circles on the “self”.  Protect and preserve yourself first.

The online community is a jungle.  It has the predator and the prey.  The predator would do everything beyond imagination to lure its waiting victim.  It is cunning and merciless.  On the other hand, the prey would always be a helpless victim.  Often, it would be too late for them to escape from the claws and jaws of its captor.  A prey is always careless and thoughtless.  Thus, to equip oneself, one must know and learn the system that operates in the jungle of the online community. 

I have been in the jungle until now.  I never became a prey because I know what I am dealing with.  I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt so that when I finally decide to make a meet-up I would be ready to face the worst.

“Want to taste my nine inches?” translates to “Come and enter my snare.”


LASHER said...

It would be nice to see and hold and kiss and maybe suck a 9-incher. No fucking me please. Haha. I've never had a bf with that size. 7 or 7.5 lang but I have seen and tasted an 8! Not a 9! That would scare the beejesus out of me! Anyway, I like it 5inches to!