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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Early Retirement

I guess everyone thinks that having a “body to die for” is very advantageous to get the nicest cut if not the best in the meat market. Well, that’s true. Only people who are in denial would disagree to that. Perhaps this is the reason why many in the PLU world desire to achieve that kind of physique.

Him: Yup. Habang maganda pa katawan mo go lang ng go! At least you already have 4 days lead. Ako magpapaganda pa ng katawan.

Me: Di naman. Gusto ko magsawa ako na maganda pa din katawan. Malapit na din iyun.

“Four days lead.” I don’t know how he quantified that but of course that is just figuratively speaking. Anyway, as I said, I don’t like to “get old” in the market and I will make sure it won’t happen. As a matter of fact, I think I have had enough “meat market” experience under my sleeve and I learned a lot from them. I have this thought. “I still have a lot of things to do and maybe this time, it is not only for myself but for that someone who would be with me when that time comes.” :)


JapaneseAdobo said...

somewhat its true...maswerte ka and u worked hard for it so flaunt it...unlike most of us, who can only desire to have the same physique as urs...idol tlaga kta!!!

Demonyitong Promdi said...

Korekek si JapaneseAdobo sir. If you have it flaunt it..hindi yan tinatago..

Bruce Kho said...

i dream of sitting idly and reading mysteries when i grow old and like you, i hope to get tired of the trade.

my excursions are as numerous as they are varied but i ask, when control and discipline isn't practiced, would it improve tomorrow, in a month or a few years from now?

u get ur kicks from 'tripping' and from 'seducing other men.'its a certain high that might be irreplaceable.

then again maybe m just channeling. :D