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Friday, May 27, 2011

Evolution of a Homosexual Blind Man

While riding a bus going to work, I spotted a blind man walking along Estrella and EDSA. Ahead of him, I saw a considerable concrete protrusion. I was not bothered if he can overcome the obstacle because I am confident that he is capable considering he has a walking stick with him. True to my expectation, using his stick, the blind man traverse the sidewalk unchallenged.

I looked at the blind man intently. He is so cool, braving the rush hour of the metro even without a company. Yeah, I thought there is no one with him. Suddenly, a nasty thought came over my mind. Did I ever make-out with a blind man before? I have with a one-legged man but not with a blind man yet. I made my last look at my point of interest. Hmmm. “Puwede.”

With the blind man fading away from my view, I raise a very intriguing question. If ever there is a homosexual blind man, then how did he become one? How can he be sexually gratified? What would make him sexually aroused?

I learned that men, homosexual and heterosexual, are sexually aroused visually. This is the reason why we like looking and watching pornographic materials. We first realized our very first sexual stimulation through our sense of sight. We saw this attractive visual stimulus, we made the act, and we like it. Thus, we do it all over again. The behavior becomes a habit that we develop a particular taste, and ultimately associate it as our sexual preference. There goes one count adding to the homosexual or heterosexual statistic. But, how about the visually impaired men?

When I speak of blind, it refers to naturally or in-born blind. These people only rely on their other senses like hearing, touch, smell, and taste to compensate their limitations. They lack the most important sense that majority of us have and probably because of this, they might have some kind of unique sexual development.

I yet have to read some literature on homosexual blind men. I would like to know what plays an important role in their becoming a homosexual. I would like to know how nature and nurture fare vis-à-vis homosexuality among blind men.


wanderingcommuter said...

you may want to venture into an actual study. yun nga lang it will definitely be a challenge na maghanap ng respondents under the said characteristics.

Trip said...

that would indeed a challenge. parang ang hirap yata maghanap ng bakla na bulag. :)

Nicko D said...

weird, nabubura yung comment ko...

Trip said...

@Nicko D. dont worry. i was able to read it in my email. :)

Nicko D said...

ohh good lord...i must have sent it a number of times

bai said...

since they rely on their other senses much, i believe most specially in their sense of HEARING.. so instead of their vision, i think they would be aroused with what they hear.. does the oohhh aaahhhh ooohh yeaahhh count?

go for the study! and let us know! hehe