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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foolish Love

And then they were dead. The two teens, assumed to be lovers, who were brought to a hospital due to gunshot wounds succumb to death. It is sad but hey, life is not all about living till one reach his or her oldest age. Sometimes life is cut short for some reasons that others think could be foolish. Yet, who are we to judge them?

Right now, many who have followed the story have formed their own opinions. Who are to blame? How could this happen to a couple of teens? There has to be a problem, somehow or somewhere. Someone has to be blamed. Fingers are already pointing to the security measures of the mall where the incident happened, as if the teens could not have done it somewhere else if the mall is not available. Others are pointing on the access to or source of the weapon, as if the teens could not have thought of using a blade or a rope. Others are pointing on the parents or guardians manner of rearing, as if the teens could not have gotten the idea from media or religion or the state itself.

What went on through the mind of the one who pulled the trigger to the other, we truly do not know. Was he doing it for love? What is love to him anyway? What made him think that what he felt was the one that is truly called love? Where did he learn the meaning of love? What were his means of expressing or translating love?

These were teens. Their minds were still very open to the information they received from the outside world. They were very gullible. What they see and hear from their parents, siblings, friends, school, church, and media were very influential in forming their own set of ideals and beliefs. The idea of “love” is moulded from the cumulated definitions obtained from these sources. Thus, the expression of love shown by an individual is a reflection of how love is transmitted and translated as taught by the agents or institutions of the society. Where is the blame then?


dabo said...

We cannot blame the gun or ease of accesibility to it.. watching too many CSI exposed me to the fact that there were lot of ways to skin a cat...if one really want to..

We cannot blame the mall security, like I've said I've seen too many CSI.

We cannot blame the adults who are like these teens are also too prone to delusions of romantic love...

These kids simply manifested their desires.. They reaped what they sow. Not because they are young and still innocent..they are excused from the frailty of their own choices. Yeah we can blame the parents..but still these kids can think and do what they think they can.

Let us hope for a better way to educate the
understanding life and what it means to be human.

Our job now lies