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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Night Out: Part Two

I give a person a “check” if he possesses a body like mine, regardless of the facial value.

The night is hot, literally hot. With the El Nino phenomenon, the country is experiencing its hottest months. The temperature fluctuates from 35-37 degrees centigrade. Looking at the signage again, I asked myself what that temperature equivalent would be in Fahrenheit.

It’s almost two o’clock in the morning. The three of us are standing in front of this inconspicuous building. The pair across the street still does not have the intention of boarding a jeep or taxi making our birthday boy still adamant of taking a chance to get to know the contestant. On my left is our other companion who is busy on texting. As for me, I am already bored and sleepy with all this inactivity. I am never a night owl and although human behavior interests me, the people I am seeing around me are not worth observing.

There are already jeepneys and taxis that stop in front of us hoping that we get on board. Unfortunately, I could not see any plans of going home yet from my companions. We remained standing there and the passengers of the jeepneys would just take an interesting look at us. I guess that they were really checking us out because relying on my extra sensory perception I could tell that these passengers have an idea of the operation in the area. The stares do not bother me though. They could always think whatever they want. No one could possibly know me so I really do not care.

“What now?” I asked to no one in particular. There was no direct answer but I could feel that the two are not yet through with the night. I could see that our other companion is setting up a meet up with one of his online friends. He said that he is near the area. On the other hand, the birthday boy is still tracking the progress of the pair across the street. I told him that he should let them be and move on because the older guy would not leave the younger one. “Would you know if there is a Persian restaurant here?” Our other companion asked the birthday boy. “I am not sure.” He replied.

We rove our eyes to look for the restaurant mentioned. “Let’s walk towards the intersection.” I suggested. We passed by the pair across the street. They both looked at us. I put my hand on the shoulder of the birthday boy to make him proceed without pausing and looking at the pair. “Don’t even bother looking back.” I told him.

Across the street, in the corner of E. Rodriguez and Tomas Morato lies the Persian restaurant. It is still open and there is a couple sitting outside. “Are we going to wait for your friend there?” Pointing at the restaurant, I asked our other companion. He said that they are still confirming the meet up. We decided not to cross the street. When I looked at the birthday boy, he was also texting. I was left standing here with no one to talk to, bored and sleepy. I might as well left these two behind and get my sleep but if I am going to do that, I am sure that I would ruin the night of these two night souls. So, I took my mobile phone out of my pocket and check if I have a message. There was none of course. I always reminded people that texting me after eleven o’clock in the evening would be worthless because it is my bedtime. Hence, there I was, staring at my lifeless phone. Suddenly, something caught my attention across the street.

It is a “someone” actually. Outside the Persian restaurant, I spotted a man in white shirt and bonnet approaching the couple. What has got my attention is that he is nicely built as suggested by the size of his biceps and chest. At our distance, I could also see his tattoo. There is only one word I could describe him. “Yummy.” I looked at the birthday boy to tell him what I spotted. Without a word coming from me he blurted, “Yeah, I saw him.” We both laugh. Our other companion did not bother to look as he is busy with his texting.

“Is he a check?” The birthday boy asked. “Check” is his term to describe a good-looking person. I told him that the bonnet man is a check for me. I give a person a “check” if he possesses a body like mine, regardless of the facial value. What is more important is the sexual appeal.

“What are you two bustling about?” Our other companion asked. We told him about the bonnet man. He looked across the street. “Where?” He asked. I told him he is hidden by the building’s column. A message alert tone prevented him from looking at a different angle. “He is on his way to the Persian restaurant.” He read the message aloud.

We cross the street and headed to a table behind the couple and Mr. Bonnet. I thought I would already get a chance to take a glance at him so I raise my head. Darn! He is already looking at me. I put on a not-so-interested look so I made a quick scan at him. My mind suddenly processed the data and told myself that this man looks like one of the “Acafellas”. He is the one who serves as the boom box of the boy band and models. Mr. Bonnet looks hotter than I expected. I guess the night would not be boring after all. We pulled the seats but before we could settle down, a slim guy in white shirt, shorts, and loafers appeared. “Guys, this is Blue.” Our other companion introduced us to the new arrival.

“Are we going to stay here?” As I asked this, a waitress came. There was a brief exchange between her and Blue. Blue turned at us and said that they do not serve beer. He said that we can take a walk and look for a bar along Tomas Morato. I made a glance at Mr. Bonnet. He is still looking. Our other companion and Blue are already leaving the Persian restaurant, while birthday boy and I are still hesitant to move along. However, we could not separate so we followed them. We passed by the table of Mr. Bonnet and once again our eyes meet. What a waste.

“Did you notice that Mr. Bonnet is looking at you?” Birthday boy asked. “Of course, I do.” I replied. “Why is he looking at you and not at me?” He asked again disappointed. “Perhaps I looked hotter than you.” I answered jokingly. “Come on, let us go back!” Birthday boy insisted.

I looked at our other companion and Blue walking ahead of us. They are almost 50 feet away already. They are busy talking to each other. Honestly, I do not have any idea of the purpose of their meet up. Perhaps it is only a friendly one but I have heard our other companion that Blue is willing to get laid by the three of us. However, comparing Mr. Bonnet and Blue, the former is a better catch. I made a 180 degree turn and look at birthday boy. “Are you sure we could hit on Mr. Bonnet?”