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Monday, June 7, 2010

Night Out: Part Three

“You are such a grump.  That person is trying to make a conversation.  He could have like you and picking you up.”

You must not leave your comrade behind even if he’s dead or wounded.  That is strict SOP.  There were three warm bodies that left the camp to patrol unfamiliar territories, so rightfully, three must return together whether wounded, dead or alive.   The two of us spotted a target and we could get a bull’s eye with him.  However, our other companion chooses to follow a friendly force so we could get to our objective.  Hence, who are we going to choose?

Birthday boy is willing to hit the target.  It would only take my firm decision to make him turn 180 degrees also.  I need to decide wisely.  What if the perceived target is actually a decoy or a trap?  What if in this reconnaissance, there is really no intended target?  I believe that his patrol is just to observe and not to engage.  Yet if engagement is unavoidable, are we really prepared for it?  “When in doubt, don’t.”  Instinct tells me.  Similarly, reason agrees.  Think of the SOP.

“Let us pass on Mr. Bonnet.  We need to be together.”  I told birthday boy.  We increased our pace to catch up with our other companion.  This is my first time to be along Tomas Morato.  It is well-lighted.  The sidewalk pavement is tiled.  Bars, shops, and other establishments for night party goers lined up the street.  As I walked, the area starts to get familiar.  I have seen this place in some independent films.  Indeed this is a place for the night souls.

2:45AM.  I saw our other companion stopped in one corner.  We approached them and Blue declared that the establishment we are about to enter are closing.  I looked at my watch.  It is a quarter before three in the morning.  We discuss our Plan B.  I saw a coffee shop and suggested it.  I am not a coffee drinker but I just need to take a sit.  We have been standing and walking for nearly three hours.  Our feet deserve a break.  Also tired, birthday boy suggested Padi’s Point.  He said that it is three blocks away or so.   Blue disagreed.  Tension follows.

From the time that Blue arrived and insisted that we should walk along Tomas Morato to look for a bar, birthday boy expressed his protestations.  He had reasons to be since we have been standing ever since we arrive at Fahrenheit.  In addition, he had continued interests on the contestant and Mr. Bonnet and leaving the area mean that he would lose the opportunity.

We don’t have much choice, on the other hand.  Regardless how far Padi’s Point is, we need to get there so we could take a rest.  I am not sure why Blue drags us here when in the first place he knew that the bars would be closing at three o’clock and I am not also sure what they have talked about with our third companion.  Is he expecting that we go to his place and get on with the “plan”?  However, I and birthday boy don’t find him stimulating so we insist on going to Padi’s Point.

Birthday boy was right in calculating how many blocks we need to travel.  Before crossing the street towards our objective, Blue excuses himself that he would like to get home to his apartment first to change into more decent clothes.  He turned left in a corner and we proceeded to Padi’s Point.

3:30AM. Padi’s Point is still packed with people.  Mostly in their teens, they dance, smoke, and drink.  I could have just imagined if their parents knew what they are doing.  Perhaps these kids made some ingenious excuses.  We could not find seats so we proceeded to the dance floor. We stayed there for at least 15 minutes to wait for Blue’s appearance.  Impatient and tired, we went out to the terrace and fortunately found vacant seats.  We took our seats and ordered drinks.  The terrace has a wide overview of West Avenue.  The streets below are still busy.  We would see Blue if ever he comes out of the corner where he disappeared a while ago.  When the drinks arrived, we talked about the events we had just got into like the pageant in Fahrenheit, the pair across it, Mr. Bonnet, and Blue.  Birthday boy relates his impressions on him, mostly negative ones, while our third companion is defending his chat mate.  We are almost through with our drinks and Blue is still absent.  Convince that he would not show up, we left the place.  It is already four o’clock and our bodies already felt the burning-out.

Birthday boy suggests that we would walk towards Mother Ignacia Street where a TV station is located to get our ride.  Along the way, he showed us the bar he was suggesting that we should go but because of its expensive entrance opted for Padi’s Point.  We also passed by Pier 1, another popular destination.  I also noticed Hot Shots on the way and brought some memories of the blogger who treated me there.  Ahead of us is another bar and in front of it is a group of people.  Oblivious of what is going on with the crowd we continued to head that way.  At around 10 meters away from the crowd, we noticed that there is a commotion and without any warning, we saw a man hitting another.  The man he hit fell on the ground but he continued on kicking.  Birthday boy who is ahead of us retreated but I continued walking to watch.  I saw the same man who fell stood up and then he was hit again but this time I heard his head hit the ground hard.  Other men intervened and we heard something that the men do not have money to pay for their bills.  Meanwhile the man on the ground is still not moving.

“Hey!  Get out of the way!”  Birthday boy barked at me.  I did not pay any attention at him.  I was curious of what happened to the fallen man.  Is he dead?  I asked myself.  Few moments passed I saw him moving and tried to get up.  Obviously, he was busted not by alcohol alone but by the blows he received.  From my position I could see that his head is bleeding.  The man who hit him saw him standing and he was again approaching him.  Fortunately two men intercepted him.  Still raging with anger, he saw a taxi.  He was shouting at the man inside.  I heard that the man inside is a companion of the bloodied man.  The enraged man forcefully opens the door of the taxi and again was interrupted by the two men.  They shove him away from the taxi.

“You there inside!  Get out and help your companion!”  One of the men shouted at the man sitting next to the driver.  The man did not respond.  “We’re cops! We’re just trying to help!”  I thought how cool these men are but on second thought, the men acted so arrogant that anyone would not entertain them.  They were not even in uniform.  Perhaps due to the condition of his companion, he bravely opened the door and proceeded to get him inside the taxi.  The taxi drove off and the scene is over.

“You are one stubborn guy.”  Birthday boy told me.  “What if you’re caught in the middle of the fight?”  He scolded me.  “I would tell them to gang up on you instead.”  I jokingly replied.  We turn around to look for a taxi somewhere else.

We were sharing our thoughts about the experience when I spotted a man in front of a building that looks like a condominium or hotel.  He looks Chinese, twentyish, around my height, a little chubby, light-skinned, and modest-looking.  He was looking at me with a smile.  I did not avoid his eyes until he said something.  I thought his speech is incorrigible so I gave him a puzzling look.  I did not even smile back.  Because of my reaction, I could see his embarrassment.  I looked at my companions and asked them, “What is he talking about?”

“You are such a grump.  That person is trying to make a conversation.  He could have like you and picking you up.”  Birthday boy said.  “You really have high standards.”  Our third companion stated.  “Oh…”  I muttered.  I was not hearing well because of the combined drunkenness and sleepiness.  I put a smile on my face and looked back and the man already disappeared.  He could have gone back to the building.

Darn.  I just ignored three men this night alone.