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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Take a Shit

“Shitting on your own backyard” is an overstatement, an overreaction by people who are either morally upright or uptight.

“Can you do that?” A friend asked referring to the story I told him about a sexual encounter I just had. There was awe from his face thinking that I had done that with a friend. I could enumerate several reasons but decided to answer him with a question. “What’s wrong with that?” It was his turn to struggle for an answer.

Last week, there was an opportunity to test a theory I had that no matter what situation it is, no matter who the people are involve in, men can express their sexuality without any hesitation. Social conventions may be disregarded. Individual preferences and restrictions may be compromised. To sexually fired-up men, sex is nothing but just an activity to satisfy a physiological need.


It started out when I felt some hand behind me. I was sitting on a bed with two other men, one I really know personally and the other one who I know from the community I belong. I was guessing whose hand it was but I thought there was no need to determine that because whatever was the purpose of that hand, it could never harm my person. As expected, the hand did not only touch me. It started to get inside my shirt, caressing the skin on my back. I ignored it. I kept my eyes glued on the monitor in front of me.

If there was hesitation before, the hand was getting more daring because I could already feel it moving in front of my body. It was stroking my abdominals. I thought it was already stating its real purpose and it was up to me if I would allow it or not. Sensing that there was no sign of protest from me, the hand tried to crawl inside my low-rise jeans seeking something. I could have helped it to find what it was looking for but its first attempt did not triumph. We were not really in a private room.

Housemates, roommates, friends, or mere acquaintances were not prohibited inside the room. They could barge inside to get some things, to watch TV, or just to have a chat with us. Nonetheless, these people have an idea who we are and what we are capable with, that if ever they would catch us doing something, I know they would not be surprised. The hand was not that daring to continue exploring the inside of my jeans though. Whenever he felt someone was entering the room he would stop what it was doing.

There were more occasions however that people entering would also leave immediately because they knew what could have been happening, or maybe have an idea. During these times, the hand would resume what has been interrupted. The second time the hand reached inside my jeans, I helped it. I pulled my cock up and let the head be exposed. The hand held it and tried to get it hard. The combined influence of alcohol in my body and the anticipated coming and going of people inside the room prevented me from achieving an erection instantly. I helped the hand making my cock hard.

This was probably the first time I have let someone fondle my cock in a place where people who I already know could catch me. Being caught by strangers did not really matter but it could be a very awkward moment if a friend could catch me doing it with another friend. While the hand was busy pleasuring my cock, my thoughts were also busy evaluating the situation. Am I shitting on my own backyard? Was it wrong to do it with a friend? Was this appropriate behavior?

The situation could continue during that time. We just have to close the door and finish what was started. However, another friend came in and lie on the bed with us. He put his hand inside my shirt touching my abdomen. I froze because I never expected him to do that. I panicked because I really do not know how to react. Then another friend joined in. He squeezed himself between the intermingling of bodies on the bed. His purpose I am not sure. What would happen next? I asked myself. Still, I just lay there and waited.

What happened next is for me to keep. There is no need to get into details because I do know that whatever followed, it is something expected from people like me. Of course, I am only speaking of what happened to me, and the owner of the hand. To the other characters, I would just hope that they responded according to their best choices, that they would not regret what they have done, and that they would not judged or be judged.


Today, I came to realize that “shitting on your own backyard” is an overstatement, an overreaction by people who are either morally upright or uptight. Where else can you do things, “good or bad”, but on your own familiar place? Is it justified to do the “shitting” on unfamiliar territories? It is still “shitting” wherever you do it. Isn’t it? I think, what is more important is that you know what you are doing and know how to take responsibility in taking care of the shit that you make.


paci said...

it will all boil down to how you enjoyed the moment and if you had no regrets after doing it.

Mugen said...

I know what you're capable of, and I respect that. It so happened we sit on the opposite sides of the fence that's why we have different takes on the situation.

But I'm learning. Some principles may be bended according to our needs.

Hehe. Napaisip tuloy ako kung sino mga kasama mo sa bed nun. Lolz.

Boying Opaw said...

ayun! ito ba yung sinasabi mo na ipagpapaalam mo muna? buti at pumayag na siya na isulat mo.

i guess it all boils down to, "man up and own your actions."

it is interesting that this realizations and analysis came up to you. i wonder if that person also has his realizations and insights about this. or whether for that person, it was all...

...just for the trip


Trip said...

@paci. indeed.

@Mu[g]en. hahaha. medyo mahirap din tandaan kasi madami ang nakikihiga doon. pero kelangan pa ba malaman kung sino ang may ari ng kamay na iyun? hehehe

@Boying Opaw. i think for that person, what happened was absolutely "just for the trip". hahaha

Miley Cyrus said...

why am I not surprised, when I opened the door I could almost smell sex in the air. bwahahaha. just kiddin. but damn Trey, damn.

wanderingcommuter said...


sometimes, the problem with social experiments is that it gives out this connotation that people are subject to mere guinea pigs. perhaps what i am just trying to say is, is everything an experiment? and if it is, then what are the intentions?

im just saying. hehehe!

Trip said...

@wanderingcommuter. perhaps everything is an experiment and the intention is to learn. :)

kalansaycollector said...

nice. well life is about choices. :)

Boying Opaw said...

i-combine natin si Trey at si wandering commuter:

the intention is to learn from guinea pigs.


Cio said...

nasa nagdadala lang yan ng sitwasyon.

Trip said...

@Boying Opaw. wow, that's logic. hehehe. but u missed something.

"people are subject to mere guinea pigs".

if "people are guinea pigs" and "the intention is to learn from guinea pigs", then logic also says "the intention is to learn from people". ;)

Mink said...

two points:
somehow having sex with friends, as long as it is consensual, is a good exercise to widen the trust and love with each other, the thing is it should be in the context of friendly encounter or just a mere activity done by good friends. If it somehow involves deep emotions and these accelerates to affection then a dilema arises, that could in turn broke the friendship forever or make this relationship stronger than ever. The thin lines of life, between the Phileo and Eros.

anyhow bout shitting in your own backyard. If everyone is comfortable with the people who lives in the house, then i guess there is no issue. and as long as there are no egos broken or complicated relationships involved, then i guess the activity is a Go!.

Trip said...

@Mink. i never expected this comment coming from u. it's so liberal-minded of u to say that. hahaha. r u speaking from experience? no need to answer that. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

wish you wrote what happened, i have a feeling it could have won a Palanca :)