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Friday, December 10, 2010

That Jerk Experiment: Poser

I do not need to pose as someone or something else because I have my own qualities to make things happen.

The world is surrounded not always by good or trying to be good people.  There are always assholes and bitches that would catch us off-guard and would try to piss our day.  In return, we would react.  How, would really depend on our own character and mood.  Or we would just brush them off and move on with our lives considering that they are insignificant fools.

Last week, I received a note that someone commented on the thread where I also commented on an FB of a friend.  I left a comment on a picture where my friend was showing an underwater camera to picture himself in front of a mirror. 

Red: Gwapo talaga!
(What can a boyfriend say to his partner’s photo but this?  Hehehe.)

Trip:  gamitin ba naman ang underwater camera sa overwater setting. Hahaha
(I know that it is an underwater camera because they showed it to me.  I was just trying to show the consistency.  No offense intended.)

Ike:  got a problem with that?
(He always sound like an asshole when he replies to my comments in his FB)

Rey: epal naman yung isa.... haha
(That is uncalled for.   He was reacting on my comment and passed a judgment.  Sino ang epal?)

Trip: at kiss ass ka naman .. haha
(Nagpapalakas sa may-ari ng photo ha...  He deserved a punch.  Hehehe)

Ike: he's a fan. lol
(Am I not right?  Hehehe)

Trip: of course, i know that. :)
(I really have to emphasize that.  Again, we like to be a jerk on each other here.)

Ike: tsk tsk
(See, how he can be an ass?  Hahaha )

Rey: such a poser...
(Wrong move.  Now he is judging me.  More spanking. )

Trip: hahaha. u dont even know what a poser means. anyway, i'l leave the fan with the idol. hehehe
(Did I succeed in being a jerk?  I think not.  He replied no more.)

Most people talk without really thinking the consequences of what comes out from their mouth.  They thought that because some words and phrases are bywords of the culture they are in; they can just pick them out and use them arbitrarily without thinking of the context.  That spells danger because not all recipients are stupid.

What is a poser anyway?  Let me take that by context. 

The FB account is designed for the naughty side of the owner.  People following him there, though may not be all, in one way or another has some attraction to him.  They adore him there and the owner dignifies it by saying “he’s a fan”.  Virtually, this cyber niche is his shrine and it is sacrilegious to disgrace him inside.  Did I behave like that?  Perhaps the reason why he said that I am a poser is that I am faceless in my account.

Posers are people who do not show faces online.  Possibly, but is that all about it?  Absolutely not.  Posers are characters online who assume different personalities and characters relative to their real selves.  They provide information that is not in consonance to their true selves.  If I post a picture of someone else to depict myself in my bio, then I am a poser.  If I would claim that I am goodlooking, has a condo in Global City, owns a BMW, and has a million dollar bank account, then I am a poser.  But I am not.

The pictures I am using in my online profiles and blogs are mine.  Faceless, yes, but I owned that body and no one else.  The information and stories I share online are all true.  People may doubt them but certainly they are facts and whatever accusations they may throw these will remain as facts.  I do not need to pose as someone or something else because I have my own qualities to make things happen.


DSM said...

you were too lenient on him, that was not "jerk"-y at all. hehehe. but at least you did not stoop to his level. I read it somewhere that once you stoop to their level, they will beat you with experience.

Trip said...

yeah, i feel that too. maybe next time i would be more like a "jerk". hehehe

Eternal Wanderer... said...

can you be my fafa???


Duke said...

you should have given the guy a link to a web definition of a "poser", clearly he needs some education..

I agree that his comment to your comment was uncalled for.. unfortunately, there's no weblink to direct him where he can get some culture and values