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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I could see influence and power on the woman. She could make or break a person.

It is my biological clock waking me up. This is Saturday morning and I am supposed to run. I have even prepared my gear in my mind long before this day because I know I am having a wardrobe shortage because I was not able to have my laundry for almost two weeks already. However, this is not my room. This room is dark and freezing from the air-conditioning. Where am I?


Last night, before all my senses blurred out from me, I was with Mark. He is a “friend” and by that, I mean someone I have a sexual encounter at least even once. We were at a party and he isolated me from the rest of the group telling me his story. It was a story one could read in a book or see in a movie. He has an affair with a very influential married woman. How influential or powerful he has not elaborated. What he told me was that, she was “big-time”.

I do not have a strong background of who and what Mark is. What I knew is that he is a risk taker. He does not seem to care much thus hearing his present exploit did not surprise me. He is very capable of it, after all, he has the physical qualities and the charm. I could have offered him my two cents but I refrained because I know how stubborn he could get, so I just allowed him to talk.

It was all about Mark. I did not bother to share to him my story, which I thought was kind of all right for me because in any case I might only be blabbering. I am getting drunk and my body is getting numb. This was the part that I would almost be quiet. Mark knew that. I just absorbed all his words, dissecting and digesting. I tried to interpret all his actions, his behaviour. I noticed that he was becoming touchy too and I already knew what was coming next. I am drunk but I would always know.

I remembered Mark put me in his car. I thought that indeed, he is with a”big-time”. The car could never be his. The car was loaded. When Mark turned the music on, I thought I was inside a surround theatre. This guy was damn so lucky. I thought. The drive was quite long. He drove by on streets I did not know. Before getting the car inside a garage, there was a long stretch of grassy empty lands that we passed by. I was thinking that we were driving outside the city but again I thought that maybe we were passing the reclamation area of Roxas Boulevard. My senses were still very alert and they were telling me that I must not panic yet.

I never got a glimpse of the interior of the house. Mark’s arm was around me sort of guiding and lifting me. I looked around but all I got were shadows. When we entered the room, Mark let me sit on the bed. My body responded immediately to the comforts of the bed. I let it lie down but my head turned around as soon as it hit the bed. I tried to stand up and Mark assisted me. “Walanghiya ka Mark, big-time ka na nga talaga.” I chuckled. Instead of responding to me, Mark put his lips on mine. That was one of his talents. Not only he possessed a full red lips, he could also kiss well. I answered his challenge.

While kissing, Mark gradually undressed me. I raised my hands so he could remove my shirt. He moved his lips on my chest and nipples and slowly pushed me back to the bed. I am now surrendering to the ecstasy I am experiencing. He continued to pleasure my body, tonguing, kissing, and nibbling my chest, and abdomen. He was good the last time and an expert now. He trailed down the central groove of my abs, to my navel, and to the button of my jeans. I thought he was going to undo my jeans next but he returned to my lips. We locked our lips for almost a minute before he lifted himself up. I looked at him and asked, “Nasaan tayo?” He did not answer.

It was Mark’s turn to undress. His body has improved much. He was already sporting a six-packed abs. I could see the rippling of his muscles as he undressed. “Putcha!” That was all I could say. He heard me, and he just smiled. He then knelt down starting to unbuckle my belt. Before I could lift my head, he was already pulling off my jeans. “Gaya pa rin ng dati, always ready ka.” Mark said. He put my cock in his mouth and started sucking me. I was breathing hard. He was getting better all these years. I was thanking the alcohol that my cock was not getting too excited with his oral manoeuvres, if not, I would not last long. He sucked hard and I could feel how the head of my penis expanded inside his mouth. I allowed my thoughts to relax and focus so that my dick would respond accordingly. Finally, it started to swell and lengthen. I could now see Mark’s head bobbing up and down the entire length of my throbbing cock.

I was having a good time from Mark’s ministrations. However, I would also like to taste the much-improved Mark. I raised my body and pulled Mark to me. I kissed him as I rolled him down under me. It was my turn to pleasure and worship his body. I placed Mark’s arms under his head. I licked the insides of his biceps moving on to his armpits. I sucked both of his nipples and kneaded his chests. I flicked every part of his body with my tongue and I knew he liked it. He moaned under me. With my spare hand, I groped for his dick. It was already hard under his jeans. I inserted my hand inside to grab it and pulled it up to expose the head. I played on the slit of his cock until I could feel the precum coming out. I used it to lubricate the head of his penis and played with it more. Mark could not stop from groaning.

Mark was bigger than me, which is to be expected since he is way taller than me and has mixed ancestry. When I put his cock inside my mouth, my inexperience with oral sex showed because I could not suck him all the way down. Sometimes my teeth would scrape the shaft of his cock. Fortunately, I have not heard any protest from him. Perhaps the influence of alcohol made him endure my amateurish performance. After some minutes, Mark shifted his body to get into my dick. He grabbed it and started to suck it also.

This was the first time I enjoyed sucking. There were a lot of times that I tried to prevent my orgasm by holding Mark’s head to stop. Fortunately, he was not in a hurry so he would give in to my request. We continued pleasuring ourselves for nearly an hour and when I told Mark that I wanted to ejaculate soon, he stopped and kissed me again. Mark was top of me, kissing and at the same time holding our cocks together, jerking them off. I believe he was nearing to explode because he was already panting. “Sabay tayo.” I told him. I let out a big moan to signal my orgasm. He squeezed both our cocks hard and I let my cum explode. Mark too ejaculated. Both of our cums landed on my body. He milked our cocks dry until they softened. Spent, Mark let his body collapsed on mine and in that position, we slept.

I remembered it all. I hope. I am with Mark. He is sleeping next to me. My body is still covered with our dried cum. I am still naked and have my morning erection. My mouth is still feeling weird. I am feeling my ass. I feel no pain. Good or else, I am going to bring justice on Mark. Where am I? I am in Mark’s room. His house, I do not know. Where?

I walked towards the curtained wall and slid it slightly to get a peek of my location. There is a pool outside. The water has reflections coming from the faint light on the horizon. In a few minutes, the sun would totally come out. I looked back at Mark. He is still asleep. I grabbed my jeans that is lying on the floor and slipped on it. I sneaked out of the room.

There is a hallway leading out from Marks room. In the end of the hall, I saw a very large receiving area that is decorated minimally. On the wall, there is a huge square clock that is made of transparent glass. This house is huge basing from the large ornament that I am gazing at. I look around to find a way to the other parts of the house. All of a sudden, a light is switched on and to my right I saw a woman looking at me. I almost retreated in a flash if she did not tell me to stay. She said that it is all right.

The woman is middle aged. Petite and has very fair skin. I wonder if this is the woman that Mark is referring to but in my opinion, she is not that bad. I could still feel her charm. I gave her my courtesy and told her that I am Mark’s friend. She smiled and I just thought how could I hide the stain all over my body, and I even have a hard on still. She asked if Mark is already awake. She said that we could join her at breakfast. I excuse myself to return to the room. She smiled again.

I hurriedly went back to the room. Mark is still sleeping. I hopped on the bed and shook Mark. He just moaned back and pulled me towards him. “Higa ka na lang ulit.” He then reached for my hard on and started kissing me. “Walang pasok kaya dito ka na lang muna.” He began to unbutton my jeans.

What have I got into? I asked myself. I may get myself into a big mess. I could see influence and power on the woman. She could make or break a person. And what about the husband? Darn! I looked at the hands holding at my dick. It needs servicing.


kalansaycollector said...

bravo. :)

loved the intrigue and sensuality.

paci said...



kryptonite User said...

Gossip girl meets Corbin Fisher. Nice! I can just include this in my extensive ebook of gay lit along with Christopher Isherwood.

KAKEHIKO said...

i like this story its so intriguing and sexy...i missed reading your blog trip.

Bruce Kho said...

you never fail to excite the mind tripper. i especially liked how it ended. i sense there's more to come. kudos