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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emotional Love

It seems that our relationship is more bonded or fortified. It is really nothing emotional but rather psychological.

Sex and love are not the same. This has always been my thesis and I have been vocal with this in my blog and even in my conversations with people. However, this same people keep on asking me the same question every time they see or chat with me as if they are trying to test my consistency with my proposition. Hence, once again, last Saturday, a friend of mine threw the question on the matter. What is the difference in having sex with other men and with my partner?

The answer to his question is all over my face. A wry smile on a questioning look could spell how absurd the question he just delivered but hey, it is the Miss Universe season and I thought I could provide him the answer that could bring the house down. However, this is one difficult question because I do not like giving him just a blatant answer. Groping for an answer, I told him that there is really no difference because for me sex is just all the same. “You released the libido and you feel satisfied.” Unconvinced, he asked another question. “What do you feel after the sex? Is there any emotion you have felt?” That was weirder.

I did not answer the question this time. I believe there was a precedent to all his questions and I thought I must extract the whole story why he is asking these questions. Hence, I turned the hot seat to his direction. “What is this all about? What is the latest story with you and your boss?” If he tells his story, at the back of my mind, I would have time looking for an answer to his original question.

He had his affection for his boss. That was the story. The problem was, he was turned down and no matter how he wooed him, he could not just take first base. The latest development he conveyed was that they had a “date” to watch a play last week. There were no romantic gestures between them during the show but here is the jaw-dropping revelation, he gave his boss a blowjob inside the cab. HWATTT?

Suddenly the conversation went green. He put in the details of the sexual encounter. It was off topic I thought but that was the time that listening is better than interrupting him. To make him feel that I am all ears, I asked him, “What is the reaction of the driver while you are giving head to your boss?” He replied, “Taxi drivers are always invisible when it comes to situations like this.” “Really?” was the only word I can say. Darn, I had never thought of that. That is pretty wild and daring. Can I do that? But I am never a cab user. Thoughts rushed in giving me all sorts of ideas.

“How could you do that?” I asked again. He told me that his boss offered the idea remembering that he once told him that he had done it before. That moment when his boss opened his shirt and fly, my friend refused but when he was challenged again, he gave in. He further told me that he felt nothing, that he did not get an erection while he was doing it considering he loves his boss. He then repeated his statement all over again. “He could not think of anything sexual about him. I am too emotional with him.” That I could never believe him and it was inconsistent to what had just happened. Before he could put in more steam in my loins, I asked him, “What’s the connection of this story to your question?”

“I just had sex with a person I love but my dick is not responding properly. I do not even know why he let me do it. Is he starting to like me? I am emotional with him but I could not think of anything sexual about him. This is crazy.” He lamented. When he asked me if he was pathetic, I look at him and said, “Yes! He just wanted to see how you would perform. There is no love. Maybe he like you giving head but it was just all that. Purely carnal.”

“Let us go back to your question. I think I could provide you a better answer now. Yes, there is emotion in sex because joy or happiness, which most people consider emotions, is what I experience while and after having sex both with my partner and with other people. The only difference I think is contentment. When I do it with my partner, I feel affirmation of the bond we had. It seems that our relationship is more bonded or fortified. It is really nothing emotional but rather psychological.” My answer is more comprehensive this time and very rational. My friend’s face lighted up.

“Affirmation…” He repeated the word at least three times.


davidrockens said...

a very curious case.. i mean the can driver getting invisible hahaha..

sayang di ko naabutan ang iyong bisita.

davidrockens said...

cab pala

paci said...


emotions. it should increase the libido..but no.

Knoxxy said...

i agree

the_thinker said...

Love is a principle. Its expression can come in several ways with sensuality being one. Others incude generosity, sacrifice, etc. When it comes to sensuality as an expression of love, a relationship is strengthened by the connection formed in the act. That connection is what is referred to as intimacy.

BTW, I'm an FBI. Full Blooded Ilonggo = )