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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toy Master

That day seems like a wind that breezes through nothingness. It left nothing but just the feeling and scent of pleasure.

It is more than a week since the day that Mark and I “reunited” in the house of Miss M. Yeah, we christened his “big time lover” to Miss M to stand for all the “m’s” that we could think befitting her. She accepted the moniker as we submerged her on the pool as if baptizing her. That day, she did not only enjoy the company of his personal boy toy but of another one. Two boy toys and she felt like a queen.


I thought they have planned this. When I returned to Mark’s room just to be serviced once again, it did not take long before I felt another mouth encircled my dick. I was surprised that I pushed Mark’s face to see who it was but Mark pushed me back and whispered to my ear. “Si mahal lang iyan.” The word struck me in the gut draining the entire libido from my body because of all people who I could associate with the word “mahal”, it was that little lady opposite to “Mura” which intruded my mind. I laughed hard and I lost my erection all together.

My laughter continued and I was just waiting for Mark to ask why I am laughing. I need to think of another reason because it would be embarrassing to blame it on his lover. Luckily, Mark was just in the right zone where my funny bone is located. “Huwag mo akong halikan diyan.” I told Mark who was busy playing his tongue in my ears. My words landed to deaf ears however. I tried to escape from his face. I wriggled out. “Mark, tigilan mo ako diyan.” I stated firmly. He looked at me and smiled. I looked down at his lover whom he call “Mahal”. “Sorry, kasalanan ni Mark. Kiniliti niya ako.” With my dick still flaccid, “Mahal” transferred to Mark’s dick that was still hard as a rock. I glanced at him with my eyes glaring. He kissed me on the lips.

Mark and I French kissed while “Mahal” was blowing him. I was still regaining from the tickling sensation that Mark initiated. He was now on my chest and nipples. I tried to feel the sensation he was creating on my chest and while watching the mouth that was bobbing up and down Mark’s entire length, my cock was becoming hard. He took it in his hand and jerked it. I pushed his head down very slowly.

Threesome is not new to me. This is one of my favorites, but I have never done this with a woman. There was an invitation once from a “kumpare” and his wife but I declined because of the idea of making it out with a straight couple who I really treat as friends. It was sacrilegious to me before. This time however, it occurred spontaneously. This is not planned, not my plan anyway. All I need to do is to play along and don’t play active.

Mark is sucking my cock aggressively, nearly following the rhythm of the mouth that is also busy sucking his dick. I could already feel saliva flowing from my dick to my balls. Perhaps, he was too aroused considering that he is playing both active and passive. I reached down to feel his chest and abdominal. Just like me, he is elite in the body fat percentage. Few men have achieved that. I played with his nipples until both stood firm.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation that Mark’s mouth is doing on my dick. I have been thinking on how far this encounter would be. Would there be fucking with the lover or just pure oral pleasure? Would I get a chance to fuck her too, just in case? How much do they expect from me? I am hoping that there would be fewer expectations since I am only the third wheel. I returned to the scene when I felt a hand grab my cock away from the pleasures of Mark’s mouth. When I opened my eyes again, I saw his lover swallowing my hard on. Perhaps it is because that this is the only second time that a woman had sucked my dick that I feel strange. It is still good but comparing it to Mark’s technique, it is mediocre. Fortunately, Mark was there to help her. They took turns at sucking my engorged pole and I was enjoying it. I could easily identify who could suck better. The sight is intense and I could feel my cock ready to explode.

I reached for Mark’s cock again. I pulled his crotch to my face and started to suck him also. There was a salty taste to his cock already. I squeezed his cock and out came his pre-ejaculatory juice. I wiped it with my thumb and put the head in my mouth again. Meanwhile, I could feel that there was only one remaining mouth slobbering at my cock. When I looked down, I could no longer spot the lover. With only ourselves to attend to, we sucked like there’s no tomorrow.

Before we could blow our load, I told Mark to play a game, “Jakulan tayo, ang unang pumutok, lulunukin ang tamod ng nahuli.” He agreed. We sat side by side and started to jack each other off. We used all sorts of combination in jerking each other off. We did this before and I lost but I was lucky that there was no punishment then. I was guessing he agreed because he thought he could win again. What he did not know I already know how to prolong my orgasm. We used our precum to lube ourselves. We knew that anytime one would finally give in. I am very hard now and the head of my penis was burgeoning. His dick on the other hand was so red and throbbing. We could hear each others’ breathing. I started to worry already because I could feel the orgasm pending under my loins. With my other hand, I suddenly stab the area between his balls and ass with my thumb. Before he could stop me, he was already spewing his cum all over his chest and abdomen.

“Shit, ang daya mo!” He exclaimed. “Di ah. Sige, subo mo na sa akin.” It was more of a plea than an order. He complied and bent towards the massive head. My engorged cock was distending his mouth. I could feel it hitting his throat. I would want to push his head further but I do not like to be offensive so I let him have his own rhythm. I felt the head expand more and with that, without any warning, I explode inside his mouth. He took in the first and second shots of cum and recoiled after. Three more shots came out from my dick hitting my chest. I grabbed Mark and kissed him. We collapse on the bed and fall asleep.

Mark and I woke up almost at the same time. I felt his hand on my dick again. I brushed it off though and told him that I felt light-headed and was already hungry. He nodded and stood to change to his boxers. I followed suit and slipped to my jeans again. There were no other people around. What day is it? I asked myself. I felt the answer would likely be insignificant or irrelevant, so I just followed Mark’s lead. After we ate our breakfast, we headed for the pool. We found the lover there and she invited us in.

There was horsing around in the pool but no sex happened. We were just enjoying the sun and the pool naked. Strangely, there were no other people around. The ground of the house was huge. In fact, there were three pools in front of the house. It really looked odd but the landscaping put justice to the arrangement of the pools. There were no neighbors also. If this is a hacienda, it may well be one. However, I still believed that we were inside the metro.


Miss M is still a mystery to me just like as the house. Mark did not provide enough information about her. He just said that the less I know the better. Until now, I also do not know why she disappeared during the ménage de trios. It seems that what is important is the now, while the past and the present are irrelevant. She did not mention anything about the encounter while we were in the pool, just like Mark. That day seems like a wind that breezes through nothingness. It left nothing but just the feeling and scent of pleasure. I do not know if it was an experience that can be relived over and over again.

Today, I am thinking of Mark. Although I could rely on his impeccable wit in securing himself from the possible risk brought about by his relationship with the mystery Miss M, I am still worried. He is a boy toy, indeed and she is the toy’s master, undoubtedly. Between the two, the winner is always the one who has the power. What could I offer to help him? Would it be insane if I pose as another toy? That is a bad idea.

Maybe, just maybe, this time I should reclaim what I have created.