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Friday, February 18, 2011


Ayoko sa effem hindi dahil sa kinamumuhian ko sila. Ayoko sa kanila dahil hindi sila ang gusto ko na ka-sex.

Someone sent me a message in PR asking for the reason why I don’t like effems and chubs because I said in my profile “ayoko sa effems at chubs na ka-trip”. I asked him why he was asking, “Are you making a survey on this?” He said he was just curious and would like to know the reason aside from the “preference” thing. I did not reply back for I may say something he would not like and perhaps could only boil an argument.

I was standing there. There was no air conditioning inside the theatre and the temperature outside was in the 30’s. Consequently, I feel I have the reason to bare some skin so I raised my shirt to my chest. With my torso visible, every patron that would pass by me would check me out. Some would not content from looking only but would also try to touch my abdomen that I would also prevent either by shaking my head or by holding/tapping their hands.

“Totoo ba iyan?” A flamboyant gay looked at me and attempted to touch my abs. Before it reached my skin I was able to deflect his hand. He then looked at me, “Ganda ng katawan pero hindi bagay sa mukha.” I laughed. I was expecting this. However, instead of saying, “Eh ano ang bagay? Ang umastang babae o magsuot babae sa katawan ng lalake?” I only said “Ano problema mo?” He snapped and said as if he did not hear what I have said. “Ano?” I believed he heard it clearly so I ignored him. Hearing no word from me, he left.

I think it’s my doing why that guy got mad. I did not allow him to touch me and he was embarrassed, so he resorted to the next best thing he could ever do, name calling and insults. What else can a hurt ego do? On the other hand, if I allowed him to touch me, he would surely not say something like that, but the problem might be, he might get an idea that it’s also all right to fondle me. What’s next, then?

The place is a cruising area. Sexual pleasure is the trade. I know my reason for being there and so were the people inside. In a market place, you only buy what you want and ignore those you do not want. I was just practicing the rules and I guess each person must learn that. Just the same, he thought he wanted me, but realizing the seller do not want to sell his goods, he looked for a flaw. That’s perfectly natural. People would always find fault on things they could not have to lessen the stress brought about by the rejection.

Ayoko sa effem hindi dahil sa kinamumuhian ko sila. Ayoko sa kanila dahil hindi sila ang gusto ko na ka-sex. Nothing more, nothing less. If they want my friendship, I would not deny it from them. However, the moment I would feel that there is something sexual in the intention of friendship, I might bring up my defences to settle things right.

I think people must learn where to place themselves in the life spectrum and must also learn to respect the choices people make for themselves. Doing this would eliminate collision of principles and therefore foster harmonious relationship. Moreover, if ever someone tries to cross the line, he must be prepared to whatever consequences of his actions. Revenge or retaliation is not a rational solution.

Sana mabasa ito noong nagtanong sa akin sa PR kung bakit ayaw ko sa effem na ka-trip.


Human Element said...


JapaneseAdobo said...

oh well, ive always believed we need to respect each other's opinion and preference...tama ka na naman jan trip.. ive always loved ur posts...ur my ultimate idol...consider me as ur biggest fan!i hope u still remember and recognize me...kakehiko

Anonymous said...


Kung ako sayo pinadugo ko yang tarantadong effem na 'yan. Para may napag-praktisan ako ng pagba-boxing ko. Bohaha. Bakit ano ba mukha nya, may foundation/face powder ng babae? Ganun ba dapat ang lalaki? Kailan pa naging issue ang katawang binabagayan ng mukha?

PUTANG-INANG mga effem 'to, kung makapanglait 'kala mo kung sino. 'Yung iba sa kanila ganyan, bitter, 'kala mo kung sino, kung maka-kembot naman ay daig pa malanding babae.

Manong umayos at tanggapin na lang ang opinyon ng iba.


Anonymous said...

ayaw mo sa effem.... pero pag ang effem at super ripped at mas maganda p body sa u..nagiging crush mo bigla!

is this true? hehe

Trip said...

@Human Element thanks for leaving a smile. :)

@JapaneseAdobo. i do remember u and thanks for always reading my blogs.

@Cio. ang puso mo, relax lang. hehehe

@Anonymous. para kang sigurado sa pinagsasabi mo base sa una mong pangungusap ah. kaso, biglang kambyo at itinanong mo bigla kung totoo o hindi. pero alam mo naman ang sagot di ba? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Sa prinsesa kaya trip mo? choz.

Desperate Houseboy said...

hmmmm, sounds interesting bro, dude, pare. hehehehe

Mr. G said...

ayoko din sa effem na are right, they will resort to their best asset--ang manlait ng kapwa bading.