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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stand by ...

I am twirling the USB cable with my thumb and index finger trying to figure out what to write in this entry. The truth is I should not be writing since I have some work to finish and besides, my mind is telling me that I have nothing to write, but at the same time some part of it is telling me that there is and the only problem why I could not proceed is that, how would I address this entry to ensure that there is some good insight I could derive from whatever I would be writing. Thus, till this time, there is a battle going on inside me.

The entry that I am supposed to write is a sexual encounter. I know that I could always write it explicitly and lengthily but I do not want to be just like the other erotic writers that I know are already in bounty in the blog world. I still have this notion that I am a responsible writer and as such I do not like wasting my time on something that is worthless. Perhaps tomorrow I could already put some relevance to the entry. For the meantime, I would like to share a conversation though not verbatim, this was the main idea.

Friend 1: What do you think is your deepest secret?

Friend 2: I am actually straight.

Friend 3: Are you sure?

Friend 2: I am actually experimenting on being gay.

Me: Given that you were experimenting with the gay lifestyle since 2006, what conclusions have you made? Is four years not enough for your experimentation?

I did not get a reply from this.

I hope I made some intriguing intermission. Please stand by ...


Spiral Prince said...

excuse the language, but your comment clearly owned him.

Trip said...

@Spiral Prince, certainly hope so. next time i would have a one-on-one encounter, i mean conversation, with him and im going to smack him with reality.