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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Two Towers

Life does not revolve around you. You are one silly, egocentric, and narcissistic prick.

They are not the towers in Mordor and Isengard of the Middle Earth. They are all fiction. What I am referring to are the two known ( I assume) towers in the PLU world. The towers which when mentioned, every PLU would just nod their head and probably would say, “What else do you expect?” These are the towers that are located almost at the center of the entire metropolis and could well become the seat of PLUs government.

Who would have not heard of the CGS and GA towers in Mandaluyong City? Probably some have not heard of them particularly those who do not live in the vicinity of the city but there is no need for me to provide their geographical location or coordinates. I would suggests you google them. Anyway, to make the story short, the two towers are turning to be popular because of the increasing population of PLUs living in the said towers. They are also becoming the best places for hook-ups. However, just a few kilometres away from the two towers is a mini-tower, err... a mansion?

Yesterday, after my morning run, I took my favourite place at our building to cool down. The area is just outside our unit in the second floor. It is an open area near the stairs and serves as a facade of the entire building. Every morning, I would be stretching in that area with no shirt on while sweat is dripping from my body. (Whether my neighbours are uncomfortable with or plainly indifferent of my nakedness, I have no way of knowing that. I only know that I am used to be shirtless in the building even when throwing the garbage on the ground floor. My neighbours must already be familiar with that.) The floor is usually empty during this time except for the elementary kids being fetched by their school transportation services and the house helpers who need to wake up early to prepare for their households’ food. This area is the best place to cool down because it is relatively bigger than our unit and it is almost in the open air.

I am already through with my routine when suddenly I felt someone descending from the third floor. I glanced to my left and saw a familiar face. I know him from a gay social networking website and he is a PLU. Our eyes met but I did not give any interest on him. I turned and head to our unit. When I turned the knob of our door, I noticed him checking me out from where I made my cool-down.

It is both uncomfortable and flattering to see someone noticed you. I already received a number of invitations from him and his partner in the gay site but I always turn them down because I thought I should spare my own turf with my adventures and I do not want any rumors spreading in my own yard. Hence, whatever happens, no matter how horny I would get, I promised not to engage in any act with either of the two nor any tenants that would show interest on me or vice versa.

The experience made me think. My place would also be like the other two towers where the flesh market is flourishing if ever I would give in to the sexual advances of my neighbours. That would hurt its image. On the other hand, I asked myself. Would my self-prohibition really make a difference in preserving the reputation of the residence I am living in? Am I that important? I laughed at myself. That’s delusional. “Life does not revolve around you. You are one silly, egocentric, and narcissistic prick.” You might say. In any case, whether I affect or not, I would still try to uphold my own rule. No sex with the neighbours. Let the two towers have their limelight.


red the mod said...

You don't shit (or f*ck in this case) in your own backyard. I experienced this firsthand in our apartment. It gets really messy, and someone's bound to get hurt or caught. I believe in the same principle, but then again, I don't do hook-ups either.

Anonymous said...

naks may PLU two towers ang mandaluyong, meron din ang makati, ang puerto gallera of Makati ---> Citiland buendia. Kaya laging baha. hahaha! At pag holy week na, wala nang tao sa building, lahat nasa gallera, rumarampa. extension site nila un. haha!

hondafanboi said...

anonymous' comment made me laugh coz i just effin' dragged my ass to MET 1. anyway, i am with you guys. i also believe in the same thing. it can get messy - office or residence. same deal, i think.

Mu[g]en said...

CGS = Mothership. Lol.

wanderingcommuter said...


kaya nga ba ayaw ko lumipat sa mandaluyong eh...

ako na ang dalisay! hahaha!!!

btw, i love your first catch up line!

Anonymous said...

Having a rule not to engage on any act with your neighbor or tenants is a tough rule to obey..

I was wondering when did you made this rule? have you break this rule prior to implementing it?

just wondering..

Anonymous said...

lapit na mag one year since my partner and i decided to lease here (tower) ,,never had a chance to go to second floor and even sa swimming area,,i don't even know kung ano hitsura ng swimming pool dito..madami nga PLUs dito...two neighbor hook ups and nothing more..we decided to leave the tower this march,,one year is enough...we are moving to a different place but just behind the tower ;)

Trip said...

@red the mod. so ur apartment is not spared of becoming a melrose place. i know that this behavior can really speak of what kind of person one is but sex seems to be really a common pasttime of every PLU. maybe a great deal of discretion could lessen tthe damage.


Trip said...

@Anonymous. this entry should have been titled three towers because i am also aware of the citiland tower in buendia. however, i thought i should focus on mandaluyong where i live. diyan ka ba nakatira? hehehe

Trip said...

@hondafanboi, what or where is MET 1? what dragged u there? curious me. hehehe

@Mu[g]en. talagang mothership ang CGS? mukhang dami ka ring alam ah. hehehe

@wanderingcommuter. sige, ikaw na (at si ternie) ang pinakadalisay sa mundong ito. hahaha

and yes, i really expect that u (and others) would love my first catch up line. ganoon pala ang tawag doon? hahaha


Trip said...

@Anonymous. that has been my rule (with the neighbors or tenants) and with pride i say i have never broken it. (hope it stays.) i'm pro-active, u know. hehehe

@Anonymous. its wise that ul move out especially if either one of u is the jealous type.

lol@ "two neighbor hook ups and nothing more".

Anonymous said...

That is cool that you have not broken your own rule....

But no one can really tell if that is true.. unless all your tenants can attest to that :)

Anonymous said...


I have no idea and I don't want to goggle it. Isa pa no one is inviting me for a hook-up thus I'm settled. Lolx