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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Own Medicine

I watched him doing this and thought, “Eto ba ang tinatawag na ‘muscle worship’?”

Who would expect that I would finally made an encounter with myself during my last visit to my favourite cinema. No, it’s not out of desperation because of the absence of possible market. Rather, I met someone who is like just me when I was still starting to explore the world of my sexuality. He was uptight, naive, and maybe confused.

He got my attention instantly because of his clothing. Wearing a loose T-shirt, relax jeans, rubber shoes, regular hairstyle, and having an untidy look, he appears untraceable. With “untraceable” I mean, no hint of “gayness”. I watched him passed by me, his eyes meeting mine. “Snobbish huh?” I thought he’s a challenge. However, I could save him for later. Just in case.

A piece of observation in this situation is that there are different crowds catering to different types of movies. English movies usually gather more patrons than the Tagalog ones. This is a Tagalog indie gay-themed film so fewer are watching. With fewer viewers, I could only count “potentials” in my fingers. I decided to take a seat and watch the film seriously. Perhaps, there will be newcomers that would turn to be more interesting.

I was comfortably watching when I saw the silhouette of the Mr. Snob. The film is already boring me so I thought I could play a little bit with. I know where he is heading. I gave him a little head start to the comfort room. After some minutes, I followed.

He was in one of the cubicles when I entered the CR. There are no other people inside. I head to the first urinal on my left, unzip my jeans, and empty what’s left in my bladder. When Mr. Snob went out of the cubicle, he went straight to the mirror and washed his hands. I looked at him. He saw me in the mirror. I stepped back from the urinal a little bit and turned to his direction. He could see my cock from the mirror. I could see his face frowning and seems agitated to what I am doing. “Masungit.” That’s what came to my mind but it did not prevent me from exposing myself to him. Then, someone barged in. He immediately went out of the rest room. I zipped my pants with a smile.

I went back straight to where I am sitting before. A while ago, I was alone here, but now, there was someone else occupying the row. “Who could it be? I hope he’s a catch.” This thought ran over my head fast. As I approached the figure, it appears that this is Mr. Snob. “Upo ba ako sa tabi niya o lipat na lang ako sa ibang row?” I asked myself. I sit to his left, one seat apart from him. He glanced at me. He did not make a move. I get that as a good sign.

He was seriously watching the film or just pretending to. I could sense that. He is somewhat fidgety in his seat. Leaning forward and backward and make glances at me. If he doesn’t like me, he would just leave, but he did not. This made me conclude that he’s interested. I slip down my seat and open my fly. I played with my cock until it became hard. I stroke its full length so that the motion of my hand can get his attention. He glanced at my direction and saw what I am doing. I suddenly heard a deep breath as he leaned back to his seat. I did not look at his direction so he would not be intimidated to watch me. He thinks I could not see him. I continued with what I am doing for several minutes making him comfortable watching my engorged cock. As soon as I think it is the best time to catch him watching me I immediately turned to him. He turned his head away. I am going to enjoy this. I thought.

Finally, when I was already tired of letting him watch, I looked at him until he returned his gaze. I immediately nodded to him that he could sit next to me. Once again, I see the same look of his face when he was in the mirror of the comfort room. He vigorously shakes his head. I did not interpret as “no” and should leave. However, his previous behaviour is inconsistent. He could have just left at the time he saw me jacking my dick off. He did not. I continued further and insistently signalling him to sit next to me whenever our eyes meet. Few minutes passed and I noticed that he stood. He’s leaving. I thought I already made an effort and I wouldn’t allow that this is going into waste. When he is about to pass in front of me, I did not immediately allow him. My knees are blocking his way so he really needs to push my knees aside. I hold his thigh and squeeze it with my right hand. He did not sweep it off. He just stood there allowing me to touch it. I got him. I smiled.

He took my hand and inched himself to the seat next to mine. He is still holding my hand as he sits. I looked at him. He just sits there and I am just guessing what he is possibly thinking. We let our hands squeeze each other and waiting for the next move. I am getting that he is not used to this situation. He gave in to me and I am sure that with just a false move he would scamper away. I let my hand slipped from his grasp and move it along his thighs. I kind of massage it, stroking and squeezing them lightly. I moved my hand upward to his crotch. His jeans is a little thick and rough and I could not feel whether he is sporting an erection. I pressed hard and I guess he takes that as a signal so he unbuttoned his pants. I still could not feel anything except the increasing rhythm of his breathing. I inserted my hand inside his underwear and groped for his cock. It is still flaccid. I hold it and squeeze it until it grows in my hand. He is average but he precums a lot. I used it to lubricate the head of his cock. I played with the head until he pushes my hand away. I guess he could ejaculate if I prolong my ministrations with it. I let him rest for a moment.

I turned my attention to my own cock. I stroke it again to erection. I wanted him to touch it and feel its size. Perhaps he would get to enjoy it but I was apprehensive because I knew he was adamant to get into the act. “Dahan-dahan lang. Baka mabigla.” I said to myself. I grab his hand again with my left hand and with my right hand, I reached for his chest and played with his nipples. I could feel the deep breaths again. I then pulled his hand slowly to my left thigh and let it rest there. As he is becoming comfortable with it, I moved it closely to my cock until I let him feel it with the back of his hand. He did not refuse. I guided the back of his hand to stroke the length of my cock. There is still no objection. This is my cue so I let go of his hand and hold his wrist. I pulled it towards my cock. He grabbed it and with the aid of my hand I again lead it to stroke the entire length. Sensing that he can do it by himself, I returned to his cock which is already really hard. I played with its head again and he is grunting from his seat. He removed his hand from my cock, used it to lower his underwear more, and get it back again to my length. Without my lead, he just kept on stroking it. I heard his grunt again and I felt the overflow of precum from the tip of his cock. He suddenly pushed my hand away. He also removed his hand on my cock. Did he ejaculate already? He buttoned his jeans and said that he would go to the rest room.

That was unexpected. I was not able to ask if he would come back. My dick is still hanging out from my pants wanting its own orgasm. I remember that that was also my excuse. If I already came or suddenly I do not like to go on with the act, I would say I would like to go to the comfort room first. It is like saying ”I don’t like it anymore.” Thus, I am not expecting his return. I stayed on my seat and watch whatever is showing on the screen. Mr. Snob is giving me a dose of my own medicine. However, it did not take long when I saw a familiar figure passed by the front aisle and went straight to the seat next to me. It is Mr. Snob. “Nilabasan ka na ba?” I asked him. “Hindi pa.” He replied. Back to zero again. Same routine actually. However, there is some prodding on his part that he wanted a blowjob. I did not give in. Perhaps he could not get it from me, he again closes his pants and leave. This time, I assumed that he would never come back.

I left my seat again and decided to hang around the inside lobby of the cinema. I was standing there when a muscular figure stood opposite me. He is middle-aged but his well-fit body still makes him hot. He is a good replacement to Mr. Snob. I looked at Mr. Muscle and I figured that he is trying to seduce me. Funny because I should be the one making that move. He opened his cargo shorts and exposed a striped green underwear from a known brand. There was a bulge in it but I am not sure if it’s erected. He caressed the outline of the bulge. I was aroused but I am not crazy to approach him. I thought he needs a wakeup call.

I raised my shirt to my neck. My well-chiselled chest and abs are clearly defined by the dimly-lit lobby and with a low-waist jeans, my sex-lines are fully exposed. I placed my hand in front of my crotch and stroke the prominent line of my cock. Mr. Muscle stared as I continued to launch my own offensive, and he got beaten.

He stepped towards me with his eyes transfixed by my torso. His hand is still stroking his cock from the outside of his underwear. He stopped in front of me. “Putangina”. He exclaimed. He zipped his shorts and with his two hands he stroke my torso, his fingers outlining the contours of my chest and abdominal muscles. He did not miss any line he could see from my body. I watched him doing this and thought. “Eto ba ang tinatawag na ‘muscle worship’?” I am already fully aroused and it did not escape from his eyes. He inserted his hand inside my jeans and pulled out my cock. Not only that my cockhead is showing but also half of my shaft. He stroke the exposed length and I could see how engorged my cock is. I grunted. I looked up to see if there are other people and when I turned on the stairs, I saw Mr. Snob closely watching. He did not evade his eyes when he sees me looking at him. He is enjoying this. I allowed Mr. Muscle to continue his muscle and cock worship. I am even more aroused knowing that Mr. Snob is watching. I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes again and looked at Mr. Snob, someone else is standing beside him. He was fondling Mr. Snob from his jeans. I know the guy. He was a good sucker. Realizing that my show is making them horny, I stopped Mr. Muscle and walked out. I transferred to the other side of the theatre. After a few minutes, I spotted Mr. Snob, followed by Mr. Muscle, and Mr. Sucker. No. I stepped outside and wait longer before entering the inside lobby again. I saw Mr. Snob alone. I went straight to his back. He was a little bit surprised seeing me but he did not move away. I closed in to his back touching it with my front body. He did not move an inch. I pressed my crotch at his butt. He still did not move. Another sign of submissiveness. I reach out to his chest and played with his chest and nipple. It started to get hard. He is really horny now. I thought. I guess he’s already willing to get off at any cost. Even when Mr. Sucker suddenly showed up, he did not move away. He even clipped my hand that is fondling his nipples when I tried to remove it. He wanted me. I pulled away and returned to where I previously sitting. Mr. Snob followed me.

He immediately opened his jeans and reached for my crotch. He was aggressive this time. I stopped him because I thought we would be performing the same sequence again. “Ayoko ng mabitin.” To make sure what he really wants, I asked him. “Ano ba trip mo?” He said, “Gusto ko magpatsupa.” “Hindi ako tsumutsupa eh.” I said. “Pero kung tsutsupain mo ako, tsupain kita.” I added to test how he would react. If he would agree, then I could win this battle. There is no reply so I suggested. “Iyung lumapit sa iyo kanina, magaling tsumupa iyun.” “Ayaw ko sa kanya.” He answered. “Pero ako ang gusto mo?” I asked again. He did not reply. “Di ako tsumutsupa eh.” I stood and left him.

I felt so rude when I did that. I am sorry for Mr. Snob but what can I do? I have my own rules. I did not see him following me anymore. I am already bored so I decided to leave. I visited the comfort room again. I saw Mr. Snob in one of the cubicles again fixing himself. This time I guess he had achieved what he came for. When he went out of the cubicle I joined him. “Tapos ka na?” I asked him. “Oo. Ikaw?” I said yes. “Bago pa tayo nagka-engkwentro, naka-isa na ako.” I smiled. “Uwi ka na rin? Sabay na tayo.” He said. “Ok.”

We chatted while going to EDSA to get a ride. He is from Paranaque so we could ride the same bus. He said that he does not frequent the place. He was able to drop by only because he visited his aunt in Marikina. I suggested exchanging numbers but he did not have his cellphone with him. He offered that I wrote it. Since I have no pen, I went inside a grocery to borrow a pen and wrote my number. I gave it to him. Inside the bus, he confided that he is working in an airline. He is an HRM graduate from the Visayas, has a girlfriend and has plans to get married. I was hoping that I could seduce him more inside the bus but it is not possible because we rode an ordinary bus and there were other people sitting at the tail of the bus. The truth is, I am somewhat attracted to him because of his profile. He’s very straightlooking, in denial, and submissive. I want to taste him before he gets married. However, the likelihood that it would happen is very slim.

I know that he would not use the number to contact me. I could sense myself in him. Too risky for a second time around. No attachment. Perhaps he could also sense me that I am this person who would only use him. That I could just damp him when I feel like it. It is better off to be like this. Perhaps, he thought if ever something would happen again, it would be inside that theatre again. It would be safer there. It is an even ground.


london boy said...

ang hot! pakshet, nanigas ako sa office ;)

bunwich said...

FTW si london boy...

Spiral Prince said...

Yet again I wonder how far some of us would go to conform to society's standards. I think it's really tragic when someone fails to reconcile with their own selves. It's sad. :(

Trip said...

there is only one adjudicator of one self and we all know who should that be.

Mr. G said...

that was hot!

kalansaycollector said...

hot hot hot. :)

nice game. i wish i could join the fun...

the game of seduction...
but too bad i dont have the requirements. hehe

Ethan[ol] said...

I love the way you narrate your encounters... never fails to tease me. :-)

Anonymous said...

he's just not into you..un lang yun :)

red_eye said...


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You should add it in the new gay bloggers' platform.

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