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Friday, April 1, 2011


One of the photos taken from a not so far away land in a not so long ago by a not so known personality. I am giving it a name "kouros".  Yeah, it's a little bit conservative from the real kouros but hey, I am not that exhibitionist.  Hehehe. This is an April Fools Day treat. Look closely and identify what is not real in the picture.



Spiral Prince said...

i'm not sure about this, but is the vine the one that's not 'real' in the photo?

Anonymous said...

the hand and the semi naked thingy :)

Kryptonite User said...

It's someone else's hand? The skin tone of the hand and the arms aren't the same. But I'm not so sure. Can you please have the same pic taken but this time put the hand right next to the arm so we can compare? ; )