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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle

The gay community makes use of jargons or terminologies to hide specific behaviour and characteristic peculiar to the group. There are hundreds of them, or even thousands. Some of them that are widely and openly used are perhaps the “top”, “bottom”, and “versa”. Applicable only to homosexuals I guessed, only the gay-friendly straight people would have understood them. Moreover, another term which is really my point of interest here is “twinks”. I first encountered it in gay stories I read. It refers to guys or men who are in their twenties.

I do not have any age preferences when it comes to my sexual encounters. My only rule is that if a guy possesses sexual appeal, which I always described as lean to muscular, then he is a good catch. It doesn’t matter if he is young or old, good-looking or not. However, I seldom or have not met someone who is in his teens particularly in scenes I mostly frequent, until one time. Errrr... twice to be exact.

The area is dimly lit by a single bulb. However, I could clearly picture him as about my height but thin. His frame is very small. He is only wearing a boxer shorts or a very light short and a plain white shirt. He is standing and leaning on a wall of the theatre lobby, his back on me. In front of him is a guy and from the distance where I am standing, I am assuming that they were making out.

They were already making out when I arrived in the area and they were the only people I saw there. I have a good view of them since I am five steps higher than them. I stood on the railing of the stairs just watching them when I noticed the older guy (I guess in his twenties) raised his head and saw me. He suddenly distanced himself from the thinly frame guy. The latter, realizing that there are other people around suddenly fixed his shorts and leaned on the wall with his back. He raised his head to look at me.

That is what I call a boy. He has that innocent-looking face with smooth and glowing youthful skin. He just looked intensely at me that seems like saying, “Istorbo naman to.”, but at the same time checking me out. His companion moved closely towards him presuming that I am harmless and proceed with their interrupted activity. This time however, they do not hide from me. The boy actually exposed his cock for me to see and let the twentyish guy hold it and jerk it off. With pride, the boy thrust his hips forward and looked at me again. “Tangina, yabang ng batang ito ah. Pero mukhang malaki.”

The boy put his hands between his butt and the wall. The twentyish guy suddenly bent down and swallowed the exposed cock. The boy on the other hand, shifted his glances on me and to the oral giver. He would look at me and put up an ecstatic face. “Ganoon. Ano ito, siniseduce mo ako? Ako pa yayariin mo ha.” I thought I should make my move. I lifted my fitted shirt and showed off my abdominal muscles. I faced them and played around my body. The boy stared closely at every move I made. He is already thrusting his hips. Suddenly, I nodded at him and turn my back on him.

I tried very hard not to look back again. This is just old school “patikim”. If he’s attracted to me, he would be on my side in a minute or two. It took longer than two minutes before I felt steps climbing the stairs. One, two, three, four, five. The boy appeared beside me. I looked at him. He was just staring ahead. He then put his hand inside his shorts and started to stroke his dick. After some minutes, he pulled out his dick and continued stroking it. The mushroom head is big but I could not determine its length. He looked at me and motioned me to touch him.

I shifted my position to lean on the wall. Instead of grabbing his dick, I pulled him to me so his shoulder is touching my body. I put my left arm around his shoulder and with my right hand, I touched his undeveloped chest and played his nipples. He suddenly grabbed my hand pushing it to touch his dick. I leaned forward and whispered to his ear, “Mamaya.” I pressed him harder towards my body, his hips grinding on my crotch. My cock was already hardening inside my jeans. It’s starting to make me uncomfortable so I pulled it out. Half of its length is already exposed and I twisted the boy’s hips so he could see my erection. I pulled him again making our cocks rubbing each other. I push him a little to allow myself to unzip my pants. With my cock now fully exposed, I hold it and started to stroke it slowly. I let him see the length and girth of my cock that make his hand move faster on his throbbing mushroom. I put my hand again on his chest again, kneading and squeezing it. I could hear him panting already. With my other hand, I grabbed his hand to touch my dick. He did not refuse. He then allowed his hand to freely stroke the entire length of my solid tool.

The boy is already a slave to his lust. His hands are already all over me. They were exploring my body, my dick and my balls. He bravely bent his head, kissed my body, and played my nipples with his tongue. I wanted to push him to suck my dick but I thought it might offend him. He is tugging my dick to extract something. I would like to explode now but prevented it. I pulled him up and turned him around. I am going to finish this.

With his other hand still on my dick, I put my arm around his chest to support him while leaning back on to my own chest. My other hand finally grabbed his dick and for the first time felt his length and girth. The shaft of his dick is short and thin. It was only its head that looks enormous. Because of the size of his shaft, it’s difficult to stroke his dick so what I did is to concentrate on the head. With the help of his precum, I stroke the head in different angles. This made him moan hard. While doing this, he was also stroking my dick. I continued to maneuver his glans until I saw gobs of semen flying from his dick. It almost reaches the wall opposite us. Seeing this, I sidestepped and allowed myself to blow my own load. The boy’s hand is covering the head of my penis all the time of my orgasm. He gathered my load and started to use it to lubricate my dick and started to jack me off again. I groaned hard again because my dick was already sensitive but he was able to make me maintain my erection. He faced me again and I could see that he is still hard. He continued to jerk me off. Although I know that I could still hold my erection, the sensation over the head of my cock is overwhelming. It is my turn to pant hard. “Tama na. Tama na.” I told him. However, he relentlessly continued what he is doing. “Putangina, sabi ng tama na eh!” I growled. He stopped and dashed away from me.

My dick is left at full staff and exposed. I tucked it inside my underwear and zipped my jeans. On the floor, I could still see the cum from the boy and with my feet I tried to scatter them so that it could not be noticeable. There was no trace of my own cum. They were all in the hands of the boy.

How old is he? Is he still in highschool? Is he around 15 or 16? If so, he is just a minor and I should not have scared him. What if he accused me of child molestation? He could not be a minor. Maybe he just looked like one. The film is gay-oriented and with scenes unsuited to minors, he should not be in here in the first place. So he must be of legal age. Is he a twink?

As my view to the gay subculture widens, the description of “twinks” becomes vague instead of becoming clearer. Some of my friends describe them as underage (below 18), lean or thin boys. Meanwhile, some of my experience with gay media, “twinks” are described as young muscular men, exemplified by the Bel Ami boys. On the other hand, Wikipedia describes a “twink” as ”a young or young-looking gay man (in his late teens or early twenties) with a slender build, little or no body hair, and no facial hair.”

I guess the “boy” is indeed a twink.


Anonymous said...

baka naman sadyang malaki ang kamay mo kaya covered ung buong shaft. lol :)