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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crazy, Stupid Love

“Full moon ba ngayon at tila maalon ang karagatan.” That was last week. When I look up at the sky, I saw no full moon, only nearly full. That was kind of a relief since most people I know that week seemed to be crazy and stupid about love. Some were nearly falling out, some were avoiding falling in, while some were going at it just for the heck of it. As for me, well I guess I always try to be on top (pun intended) of it.

Coincidentally and ironically, there was also this movie entitled “Crazy, Stupid Love”. I would have no knowledge about it if I would have not dropped by over my favourite cinema. Going there is always like a box of chocolates and as Gump says, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” Hahaha. So there I was, hoping to get the best chocolate.

I don’t have any difficulty in getting the good, if not the best chocolate when I go here. My chocolate was already waiting for the picking. He was smoking in the lobby and as soon as I sit inside the theatre, he followed me. From the left aisle of seats, we transferred to the center. It’s the best location since the guards would always point their flashlights on the darker sides or corners of the theatre. “Si kuya mahilig magflashlight kasi gusto lang naman niya makakita ng titi.” The chocolate chuckled. “Talaga?” I asked. “Nakita ko siya minsan na may binabate habang nagfaflashlight sa kung saan saan.” He replied. I didn’t ask anymore. He was already busy jacking me off.

The chocolate is already too familiar with my dick. Wasn’t it his nth time with me? Yeah, I did say that I must only do it once with the same person, but what can I do if he’s hot and he knows well how to handle my dick. How many times that I stopped his hand because I have the feeling that I would ejaculate? I thought I don’t want to hurry this. It’s too early yet. Suddenly, my phone rang. I told the chocolate that I should answer it. He agreed.

The phone stopped ringing when I reached the lobby. I looked who’s my caller. It’s from my ex-housemate. I texted him why did he call me and waited for his response. While waiting for the reply, I spotted a better chocolate coming out of the restroom. He saw me and in that instant, I inserted my hand inside my jeans to shift the position of my semi-erected cock. He stared at me and headed to the stairs where there is a better view of me. I once again squeezed my cock from the outside of my jeans. Our eyes met and I thought what if I’ll reconsider the good chocolate over the better one. Yet, all of a sudden, my senses caught a figure coming out of the restroom. I shifted my eyes to the figure and saw this guy in shorts, t-shirt, and high-cut chucks. I stared at him because I would like to make sure that I know him. It’s him and the only thing that looks different was his straightened locks.

He was looking at me too or thought he was. I am not surprised that I would find him here since I was the one who told him of the place and I know he had visited the place at least once. On the other hand, what really made me think was that why would he visit this place if he’s in a relationship. I would not question his action if their relationship is open but he is always asserting that when he’s in love, he is serious and he does not fool around. I readied myself for his approach but he did not move towards my direction. If he recognized me then at least he should have at least smiled.

I thought I should get back to the good chocolate and finish off what has been started. I could not stay long too. It’s better not to have an encounter with him inside the theatre because he would only become too defensive. Thus, when he left the lobby, I decided to return to my good chocolate.

The good chocolate is still sitting where I left him. I sit beside him and told him that I saw my housemate here. He just asked if he is hot as me. I did not bother to answer him. I just told him that I would not stay long. So he opened my fly again and grabbed my cock. He opened his pants also and took my hand to hold it. We jacked each other until I told him that if it’s okay if I’ll come first. “Ok lang.” He told me. I did not hold back my orgasm as he sped up his hand on my dick. After I came, he asked if he could go to wash his hands. “Sige. Alis na din ako.”

I left the theatre without finishing the movie. The only thing I remembered about it was the graduation scene which I believe was the ending part of the movie. It’s a little frustrating since one of the actors there is totally hot. Nevertheless, I thought I really don’t need to finish the movie to understand why or how did it get its title. What has just happened inside the theatre is already a good perspective of how crazy and stupid love could become.

My housemate’s treatment or definition of love could be just crazy and stupid from the eyes of others. Considering the norms of the society that one must not fool around within the relationship, he is stupid. Considering his own claims or rules when he is in love, he must be stupid in going to that theatre. However, no matter how stupid or crazy it is, we could not put him within the framework of a failing relationship because the truth is we really do not know the real story. Each one of us is really different. Put in a couple and that would double the differences making each individual more complicated. The love that we once have in mind would take another form, another meaning, calling for different actions or behaviour. So call it crazy or stupid or wrong, the most important thing is that we are ready to face the consequences of the definition we call on love.


hardie said...

nice one.wat cinema is this? ..the one at cubao near the mrt station?