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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There are some words, including curses, I really like to avoid using, and one of them is “serendipity”. Why not? This word I already associated with romance and I am not a romantic guy. Thinking of this word gives me goose bumps but hell, sometimes one could not really avoid some things so I might as well use it. Maybe this would be the first and last time I’ll use it.

Some two weeks ago, my sister went home for a vacation and just like any good brother, I must at least entertain her and her children. In short, I became a babysitter for almost a week. In those days I am with her, there was one occasion that we got into privacy and was able to make a little chit-chat. No, it’s not all about family but rather about love life. Not mine, of course.

My sister is already legally separated and from time to time I would ask her if she is already entertaining suitors because I would like her to have someone to look after her in a foreign land. I would even encourage her to date and when I would read something on her FB that she’s going out with someone, I am excited for her. Thus, when she told me that she’ll be bringing someone next time she would take her vacation, I was very eager to know until she mentioned his name.

What the hell! Tell me she’s just joking. At the back of my mind, I was hoping that what she mentioned is just a namesake. But hell no. The guy was her classmate in high school and damn I knew him. He was even one of my crushes. He’s two years ahead of my batch. Damn, this is bad news.

The suitor is a familiar face to me in my outings in theatres here in the metro. Whenever I came across his path, I would always hide my face, afraid that he would recognize me. However, in one fateful day, he just went on to me without any warning. He was already at my side and I could feel my heart pounding. I was waiting him to say, “Hey, I know you. Are you not ---‘s brother?”

I did not hear those words though. Instead, I could feel his arm touching mine. My head was spinning. I don’t know what to do. He asked me to sit. I could just ignore him and leave but I did not. I thought if I dashed away, he could be insulted and followed me outside and that could be worse. He might recognize me in full light of the mall. I followed him to the seats like a hypnotized victim. He did not waste time and before I know it, his upper arm was already in my chest while his hand was groping my crotch.

“Lakas naman ng kaba mo. First time mo ba?” He asked me. I could not utter a word and I’m even afraid that I could not get an erection due to uneasiness. I tried to relax myself and told myself, “Relax lang. Crush mo to. Gusto mo siya.” Finally, I got an erection. He opened my zipper and pulled out my cock.

I wanted this to finish fast. The more time I would spend with him, the more chance that he would get into his senses. I let him jerked me and I was wishing that he would give me head so I could cum immediately. I put my hand behind his head to lead him to my dick. He did not resist. He knew what he was doing. He’s not new to this. His expert mouth and tongue played magnificently on my length. I closed my eyes and keep my hand behind his head until I am closing to orgasm. “Malapit na ako.” I whispered to him. I braced myself on the impending ejaculation. I raised my shirt up to my chest and started pumping my hips upward. I thought he would released his grip on my cock but he let my cum entered his throat.

“He will stay with us here January next year.” My sister’s voice finally invaded my thoughts. I was still silent. She gets her purse and shows me the suitor’s picture. I looked at the picture and saw him. A lot has change with him physically. I almost could not recognize him but it’s him all right. “Do you know him?” Asked my sister. “Of course.” I replied.

I am sure he did not recognize me during that time. He would not approach me if he did. Why would he recognise me if I was a wimpy kid in high school. However, he might recognize me now because little has change with regards to my physical characteristics and how many times did we come across each other’s path in the cinemas. Would I dare meeting him next year?

That cannot be avoided. I would just pray that he would not remember. If ever he would remember, I think nothing would be spoken about. That would be a secret. Would I prevent my sister from marrying him just in case? I certainly not. People do change and I think homosexuals can be as responsible as heterosexuals when it comes to married life. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt similar to all the homosexual friends who decided to get into the mainstream culture.

Serendipity, a word that means the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. In my case, it seems it doesn’t spell romance. It’s more of a disaster. Nevertheless, it is good that I have experienced using it and that is the only consolation I am getting now. I hope it would turn out good in the end.


Bruce Kho said...

isnt life twisted? while i cant say what ill do in a similar situation, m glad that you chose a more optimistic approach in dealing with it. lets hope for the best