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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Call Me Maybe?

What’s in a number? They are hints and not merely random numbers in our head. We use them very often in our passwords, identification numbers, and cybernames. These numbers must have meanings for us because if not there is something that would be lost forever.

What would you think of “malibog8”, “carlo24”, “69ner”, “cager23”, or 9886577UP? The first has or claims to have an eight-inch dick, the second would be his age, the third would be a preferred sex activity, the fourth could be an age or a fixation to a favorite basketball player and the last one might be a student number. I may be right but I could also be wrong. However, we can never disregard the fact that we use numbers to represent us somehow.

We use numbers that are significant to us, which makes it personal than universal. It is not universal because we could not make any generalization out of it. The “malibog8” has a lot of interpretation even in the perspective of the owner. It might even mean the preference to an eight-inch dick. Hence, with this variety of meanings attached to the numbers, we as users can be sending wrong signals to the observers. People make impressions and sometimes they rely on them. If we are not very careful in our choices, then we will ultimately be at the mercy of their judgment.

Thetripper2k6, what is in it? It is not just a 2 and a 6. We all probably know that “k” stands for a thousand, which means it is actually “2006”. Would you probably guess what could be the relevance of that year? Would you say that it is my birth year? Logically, you would not think about that since if that were the case then I would be just 6 years old. Hence, would you think a six-year old lad could have such kind of experiences written in his blog? Of course not. Would you think that it is the number of encounters I have had since I become a “tripper”? Realistically, no one could have an actual accounting of his or her exploits. So, what then is in that number? It is the year when I started blogging.

What's your number? Nahhh, not your cell number because I would not call you anyway. Hahaha.


LJ said...

when i usually see those type of nicknames, i usually think that they are using the numbers to be different. Maybe someone is already using that nick. hehe...

my number? seven. I love the way it sound.

Very cool post sir.

Trip said...

@LJ. thanks. u love seven. hmmm... its a primary number. interesting. :)