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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Body 092010

February 6, 2009, I posted a picture of my body here to remind myself how successful I am in taking care of the body that I only borrowed. This year, I am posting another picture taken just last night as a result from conversations at twitter.

ME: "hindi iyan bilbil. masyado lang mabigat ang muscle ko sa chest kaya bumaba siya sa abs ko."

TT: @thetripper hahahaha! nagkaka bilbil na!!!! wahahahahaha. magpapaparty ako! LOL

ME: indi ako ang may buy-on. bisan tan-awon mo pa sa pag-abot mo diri. opismayt ko ya. gani man naka-quote ang tweet ko eh. hahaha

My officemate remarks on his physique amused me that morning so I posted his statement (in quotes). However, a twitter mate thought that I was referring to myself. It could not drive me from posting another picture of mine if not of another twitter mate coincidentally mentioned something about naked pictures.

EJ: Na-uuso ang hubaran dito. Pwes,try ko din. (ihanda ang achara,pampatanggal umay,at blade para sa gustong mag-laslas ng gilagid after)Joke!

ME: daw ako gid ang ginapatup-an mo ya haw sa ubahanay nga ina haw? hahaha

EJ: @thetripper Ay indi, dati ka pang ganun, sa timeline ko kasi yung mga dating may damit,subong wala na kung diin Xmas na kag matugnaw. Hahaha

ME: hahaha. in short, dugay na ako nga bastos/exhibitionist.

EJ: @thetripper Oy indi ah. wala ko naghambal amo sina. I mean is, ikaw orig, sila sunod-sunuran lang

ME: i dont take it as an offense from u. hehehe. naham-ot lang ako kayman tuod gid na halin sadto wala na ako shirt sa pic ko. hehe

EJ: @thetripper Oo, maski sa blog mo di ba? kag may ibuga man ah,hahaha

ME: gani man. kinahanglan ko na i-update gali ang pic ko. dapat pang-tugnaw pero ga-uba man gihapon. hehehe

EJ: @thetripper dapat ga uba man gyapon, trademark mo na na, pero may santa hat para xmas. Hahaha

That is the picture from last night. I must say that there is no significant change in my physique and there is no noticeable “bilbil”. Well, the keyword is “noticeable”. The truth is I need to gain weight because I just came from an illness that dropped my weight from 129 lbs to 123 lbs. Last Monday, I weighed 126 lbs.

I thought I would be doing this regularly. I would be posting a picture monthly or quarterly to see the evolution of my body. Biologically, the human body would deteriorate as it ages, which means that time will come I would not possess this level of physique. On the other, if I would maintain the discipline I have now, that time would be far from happening. Hopefully.