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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It is just reasonable to do things that speak more of yourself than do something because others do it also.

Boxers, briefs, or commando? If this is a multiple-choice question, there should be an all of the above option but it is not, so I could still choose all. Yes, I have all those types of securing myself underneath though going commando can be of a little disadvantage. However, the third type is my most preferred mode.

Today, I am wearing boxers to avoid the discomfort I was experiencing yesterday. It is not a boxer brief but a boxer short. It is an innovation, I think because before when they say boxers, it always refers to shorts not briefs. Yesterday I took off my briefs because it felt very tight around the thigh and crotch area. I guess it is because it just came from the laundry, or it underwent the shrinkage process that most of my cotton wardrobe suffers. Hence, I was commando yesterday. Why not now?

Look I am wearing boxers today. :)

As I have said, I found certain disadvantages in going commando. First, if I have stomach problems I wear something underneath for some obvious reasons and second, I there are places that I do not want my erection be noticeable. These places are the office, church, and situations where my family and friends are with me. For the advantages, the first one would be to indulge on my exhibitionist nature. Second is, I like my genitals hanging low. I feel comfortable with it. Third, although I would not be expecting to impregnate any female specie, going commando is healthy for my sperm. Fourth, it is the most secured position for the male genitalia. And lastly, it spells confidence.

After going commando, my second preferred undergarment is the boxer shorts. It is the next type that almost felt like I am wearing nothing underneath. Its advantage over the commando type is that it can trap or catch liquids or solids from dropping or showing that may put me from embarrassment. Its only disadvantage is that the two legs of the shorts could get crumpled that could eventually be a discomfort. Another thing, the garter around the waist can create skin burn or rashes so I usually get one size larger than my actual size.

I would usually wear briefs in places where officemates, friends, and family are around. I also wear them in the gym because there are some gym routines that there is a need to tuck our genitals, particularly our balls up such as leg exercises and bench presses. I would also like to wear briefs in situations where you need to show little modesty but at the same time show some sexiness. I would do that in dressing rooms. It could easily reveal who is interested in me. I would choose briefs that are low rise over the classic cut.

What type of underwear that would never get into my closet? First are thongs. I think this is the most disgusting of all types. It looks like too uncomfortable having a piece of fabric slicing the crack of your ass. It is so loud that it suggests, “fuck my ass” or “kiss my ass”. Second is that piece of underwear that covers the genitals and the ass but exposes the sides of your hips. It is ridiculously looking. Lastly, the classic cut. Although I really do not hate it but it is just that, I feel uncomfortable with undergarments reaching my waistline. It is kind of suffocating and conservative. Well I guess men wearing them are of the conservative, conventional, or puritan type.

Boxers, briefs, and commando. These are my only options. It does not mean that I wear them because it is fashion but I find them comfortable and shows more of my personality. It is just reasonable to do things that speak more of yourself than do something because others do it also. Character building speaks from within, not from the outside.


Anonymous said...

"Character building speaks from within, not from the outside..." I must say I sing the same lyrics as yourself...

suprisingly your order of preference mirrors mine or prol'ly the other way around since you blogged about it first? beats me.

funny... after watching season 1 of glee... i find "kick my ass" as the logical equivalent to getting slushied. lolz.

Knoxxy said...

Boxer briefs are the best!

Trip said...

@hondafanboi, let me hear ur story about it. visited ur link but its still under construction. hope u could populate it soon. :)

@Knoxxy, the only problem i have with boxer briefs is that its legs crawl upwards to my crotch. its quite uncomfortable. but its good to wear around the room with someone u like to seduce. hahaha

Anonymous said...

not sure what happened if not blogger choking on its own. lolz.

been blogging for about 3 months now. it should be up there. i meant the blog. not the entry on undergarments though. haven't made one yet.


Lasherations said...

Insightful post! Hot pic! Hehe.

andrew said...

unfortunately, i'm one of those who wear briefs that are a bit opened on the sides.. for me it works well as it let my skin breathe and just enough support..

but would never ever go for the classic cut, parang diapers na lang ang kulang hahaha

btw, your post is the inspiration of my latest entry

Trip said...

@hondafanboi, i can access ur blog already and reading some of ur entries. so that's how ur blog got its name? from ur pet? cool. :)

@Lasherations, thanks. i just realized im quite malnourished from that pic. hahaha

@andrew, its a pleasure to inspire other bloggers. i have left a comment on ur blog. :)

andrew said...

hey trip, thanks for dropping by