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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Touching is one reassuring gesture that would tell one that everything is all right.

Each one of us has our way of conveying our minds and this does not exclude our way of expressing our apology to someone dear to us. The easiest way would be the words “I am sorry.” However, sometimes “sorry” is not just enough because sometimes the sincerity of words simply could not eliminate the resentment of one to another. Hence, we seek for other means.

HB and I are spending our tenth year as a couple. It is an accomplishment, most people would think. Friends and acquaintances would sometimes ask how we are doing it. Do we fight? What usually causes it? How do we manage them?

In our relationship, we only have one rule, “fight today, peace tomorrow”. Our fights in the past never reach sunrise no matter how big they were. If it happened early in the day, each one of us would be quiet the rest of the day. There would be no communication between us except when necessity calls for it. We would eat dinner with less conversation or no conversation at all. Finally, we would sleep, and the next day, we would be all right again.

It looked weird for some people. Perhaps they would ask who would be to blame or who is at fault in the fight. In addition, one would ask where the conciliatory action is that would somehow ease the tension between us. That is weird indeed because there has to be something initiated from either of us that would indicate that the fight is over. Of course, there is. It usually occurs when we are already lying in bed. It is not sex. It is just one mere touch.

Touching is one reassuring gesture that would tell one that everything is all right. It does not require “I am sorry”. The warm touch of the hands, or the contact of an elbow to another’s body, or an embrace, or a hug, is enough to convey our minds. It is a non-verbal language but a very effective one. There is no need to treat one another with dinner, or vacation, or gifts. A touch is just enough because once reciprocated, that means that the two have successfully communicated.


red the mod said...

Because by touching, we bare our souls. The feel of skin cannot be feigned, or ignored.

paci said...

and that is why i love to hug and tap people on the shoulder. =)

Knoxxy said...

Moer touching helps a lot to appologize! lol

talahib said...

I can relate. The same thing with us (my partner). Kung may tampuhan kami, we never end the day without settling it. A hug is very effective even without saying a word. Four years...and counting...not bad. =)