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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sin City

Unlike in Vegas though, there is something worth bringing back and that is the relationship that has developed after the experience.

“What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  Not been there, ok?  It is just that we reminded ourselves that we must exercise this saying or rule upon landing in Batangas for the summer outing of our barkada.  It is my first time to go to this neighboring province and   thinking to keep my mouth shut to share my experience is just a little absurd.  Thus, what happened to, “What happened in Batangas stays in Batangas.”

In every rule they say has an exemption because we know that in some ways, some rules are not applicable to specific situations or people.  This does not mean that I am going to reveal in detail what happened in Batangas.  That would be betraying the trust of others.  It is just that there are some things worth sharing, particularly what we have learned.

We are all PLUs, except for one straight lady.  If you are going to ask me if she “knows”, I say yes.  She has been with us even before we have formed the barkada.  She saw our behavioral patterns in public and heard what topics and stories we usually discuss and share.  I must say that she is acquainted to the PLU world, but she has yet to experience how PLUs behave while asleep, and this is the main reason why I told her, “Do not get shocked whatever unusual things you would experience while we are in Batangas.”

What would one expect from horny men (PLUs), drunk, and sleeping side by side?  Well, an orgy would be too much but based from my experience, it is very difficult to control yourself if you have a hard-on.  When one feels sexually attracted to another, one would really initiate something.  Is this a disappointment?  Maybe.  However, it is unfair to stigmatized homosexuals to be always sexually fired-up.  I think even in the heterosexual environment, similar things would occur given similar situations.  Perhaps, the reason why homosexuals are typecast to be sexually active is that they are still men who are aggressive in their sexual characteristics.

The expected thing happened.  Unfortunately, the lone straight witnessed or saw it and the actors or one of them at least, is aware of it.  Shameless might be the word to describe the behavior.  Wrong behavior on the other hand would be judging depending on the life principles of each one knowing it.  Surprisingly or not, I see no fault with the act.  I expect it to happen in an environment that is normal to the homosexual subculture.  This is a common phenomenon that I even forewarned our straight friend.

Vegas is supposed to be the sin city because most of the behavior that most moral societies considered undesirable are released or expressed there.  People would go there to indulge in the “sin” and leave it as if nothing happened.  Relatively, something also did happen in Batangas.  Unlike in Vegas though there is something worth bringing back and that is the relationship that has developed after the experience.


MidnightEros said...

Oh wow. Realization strikes..once more. Somewhat similar to your entry here is what me and my hetero friends always experience whenever we're having a sleepover. We know that the couple or, at the very least, the guy knows that we are very much aware of their deed yet they still continue doing it. Maybe for the thrill of it? I agree with what u said regarding sexual attractions and all's quite impolite IF without warning.
And we're the ones embarrassed to stop them from doing it!
Indeed, it matters not whether one's a homo or a hetero. Having or responding to sexual urges is part of human nature.