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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What were you thinking?

I could not just play a game that I believe you rule.

Here we go again, lying on your couch pretending to be asleep while you are sitting beside my head with your hands over my abdomen.  I believe that you are drunk because a while ago when we are talking you were just staring at me blankly without even noticing the question I asked and when you replied, I could not put sense about it.  Yes, you are drunk, and I wish I could make my plan work.

Your hand is just above my jeans waiting for my signal that you can insert it.  You must have seen my bulging crotch.  I have been trying to maintain my erection so you would notice it, and touch it, but I guess you would not do it.  Your ego is too proud to make the first move but I know you would want it.  You might not notice it but I intentionally put my hand over your dick and by the feel of it, you are very horny as hell.  Come on, I am asleep and you can do whatever you want with my dick.  You are drunk and you would not remember a thing when you become sober again.

Why are you removing your hand from my abdomen?  Damn!  You cannot ignore me again!  Oh, what are doing now?  You are lifting my body towards your lap.  Shit!  My head is already lying on your engorged dick.  I could feel it pulsating underneath.  This is not my plan.  I want you to suck my cock.  How could you do that in this position?  My plan is turning against me.  This is bullshit.

I could feel your body sliding beneath me.  Your cock is slipping from my head.  I am now lying on your infamous abdominals.  I am hating this.  You are absolutely a narcissistic self-indulging asshole.  And what the hell?  You are taking your cock out from your shorts.  I could feel it on my cheek.  No, I am not going to put it in my mouth.  You would not get it from me this time.

Slowly, you are sliding your hand up and down against your cock.  It is hitting my face and I am starting to feel the sticky liquid coming out.  You are so disgusting.  I would like to stand up but I cannot.  You are holding my dick already.  While you are jerking your cock, you were also releasing my dick from my jeans.  I thought I could allow you to play with my dick until I come and I would not even touch you.  However, you take my hand towards your dick.  You want me to hold and jerk it.  I do not want to give in again but how could I resist your cock?  I like the feel and touch of it.

All right, I do not have to pretend.  I could not just play a game that I believe you rule.  I accept my defeat.


Mink said...

i daresay assume that he overpowered you? hehehe

nice entry, i was picturing the whole scenario in my head. haha

Mink said...

BTW, its nice to have you back sa blogging!!

Trip said...

hahaha. question. do u think i am the guy lying down or the guy sitting up? the title could give u an idea. :)

thanks for the welcome. :)