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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There is some behaviour in the PLU world that is best expressed under the influence of alcohol. One of which is sex. Okay, let us count how many sexual experiences we have had that were booze-driven. That is quite a number, right? Whether spontaneous or otherwise, alcohol has somewhat helped us loosen our nerves to perform some acts we don’t normally or usually do.


Last Saturday, we (with HB) just hang around the house with a big collection of porn and indie gay-themed movies to watch. Unfortunately, HB was very sleepy due to the previous night to early morning encounter. I still could not sleep though so I opted to message a friend if he could keep me company. Thinking that I might offer him alcohol, he said that he had already some booze that afternoon and he doesn’t want to drink anymore. I told him not to worry because I also don’t want to drink. I told him that we can just watch some video. He said okay.

Nico and I had two encounters in the past. They all happened in birthday celebrations and booze was served. The first encounter was spontaneous while the second one was expected. This time, if ever something would happen, it would be “boozeless”.

When Nico arrived, he was freshly showered. I think he was now sober because it’s already around 12:30 in the morning. HB went out of our room to greet him but did not stay long and hit back the bed again. I thought I should not disturb him. I asked Nico if he had watched “Amphetamine”. He said he was able to watch its trailer. I inserted the USB and we watched Hongkong-based gay film.

The main actors of “Amphetamine” were both hot and it’s not long after I could feel the lust building within my loins. I stood to lock the main door, close the window, and switch off the ceiling light. I sat closer to Nico and our arms were touching. I could feel the heat of our limbs. I put my right arm around Nico’s shoulders and reach for his nipple. Without any protest coming from him, I played with it. Nico on the other hand place his left hand on my right thigh caressing it. It seems he was taking my lead. I slid down my arm around his waist and lifted his shirt. I played with his abs. I could feel Nico’s hand moving upward, inserting it inside the leg of my short. I then tried unbuckling his belt. Finding it difficult for me, he helped me out and proceeded to undo his fly. He returned his hand on my short and pulled it down releasing my hardened penis. He enveloped his hand around it and started jerking it up and down.

Nico was wearing a boxer short underneath. His dick was pointing downwards when I reached for it. I pulled his erection up and tucked it outside the garter of his boxers. I grabbed his cock and started jerking him too. We played on each other’s dick while watching the two hot leads in the movie.

We were so hard and I started to moan. I thought I could come to orgasm with all this jerking but I really tried to control it. I tried to slow down my breath so as not to heighten my feeling to orgasm. However, worst thing could happen in so short a time so I stopped Nico’s hand. I stood to strip the rest of my clothing. Nico followed suit. That allowed some resting time and my impending explosion had subsided. We reached each other’s cock again. I played with the head and that was when I heard Nico’s moans and slight protestations. I hit his sensitive part. That’s good, I thought, since I want us to come together just in case.

Once again, I am feeling the explosion inside my loins. I could not take it any longer. I told Nico about it “I don’t want to come yet.” He just told me, “It’s okay.” Surrendering to the coming sensation, I slid down from the couch. I was telling myself not to come yet. I inhaled some air to suppress the ejaculation and made some distractions. I released my hold on Nico’s cock and put my arm again around his shoulder hoping that he would at least pause on what he is doing. Instead, he interpreted it as a signal that I want him to suck my dick, which he did. I gave out a loud moan. I was thinking that I would not be able to hold it any longer. His mouth was so hot. I was looking while he did it and it added to the pleasure. Holding and jerking his thick cock intensified the feeling building up inside me. How much long could I last?

Would I still try to hold it? Perhaps, I must give in after all we could do it again just like the other two encounters we had. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and savoured the feelings I am experiencing. I tried to feel the motion of his mouth around my cock, every caress of his tongue on the rim of its head. I increased the pace of my hand on his dick trying to force it to orgasm in time of mine. However, as I increased it, Nico also increased the motion of his head until I could no longer hold my orgasm. I blurted a muffled scream almost guttural and immediately Nico’s mouth released my dick. He grabbed the shaft of my dick and jerked it. The first gob hit my navel. I saw the white liquid coming out of my penis. I was groaning and panting hard.

Spent, I lean back on the couch. Nico was still holding my cock and squeezing it to extract more semen. His dick was still in my hand jerking it off. I thought I need to reciprocate just like our second encounter but when I saw Nico gather the white jism in his hand and put it around his dick I knew that I had to abort my plan. Nico used my semen to lubricate his dick. When he started to move his hand up and down the lubrication created a sound. “It’s noisy.” He laughed. To be helpful, I leaned towards his chest and sucked his nipple. It did not take long until he too came. Done, we stood and went to the kitchen sink and washed ourselves. We then went back to the couch and continued watching the unfinished video.


Boozeless. We made out without the influence of alcohol. We did not use alcohol to express our desires for each other. Whatever the consequences there is no alcohol to blame for. Yet, without alcohol, what is there to reason out in case something unfavorable would happen as a result of our actions? Drunkenness has always been used to explain unwanted behaviour, but is it really a justifiable escape mechanism? Why would we really disclaim such behaviour if we really did it? Isn’t it that it is just to save a possible collapse of ego? Why would we just admit that things happen because we wanted or led it to happen? Why don’t we just be brave enough to stand by our choices and face its consequences?


Bruce Kho said...

i often use drinking to explain unruly behavior, whethere the alcohol rendered me intoxicated or not. i would assume that we like to deem ourselves as civilized beings above of our carnal desires.

in vino veritas while overused is still acceptable. ;)

Trip said...

@Bruce Kho, i still have to use it, but how can i if i am always aware of what is happening around me when i'm drunk? isn't it when u feel like vomiting, that is when u can say that ur drunk? hehehe

Victor Saudad said...

it's quite different for me... i tend to be more concious of sexual innuendos that I tend to avoid it more. the booze makes me more cautious. more friendly and loose, but less flirty. wouldn't want to take advantage of another's drunken state.

Bruce Kho said...

i think relatively drunk should have been used instead. :) its uncommon for someone to engage in coitus when vomiting is the first reflex. its just.. unhygienic. :D

people rarely own up to their shortcomings and poor judgment. and when other people ask why, the ready defense is an external stimulus. so let alcohol be blamed. that is until we can conjure a better excuse. ;)