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Friday, February 24, 2012

Foursome or ... (cont.)

"Cocksucker!"  How derogatory is that? I, who has been envied because of my body, will bow down on someone’s dick? I would be tainting my reputation if I would do that. I would rather take that label of being narcissist, or a chauvinist, or an egocentric bastard than being called a “cocksucker”. I never thought in my mind that I will have a cock inside my mouth until three years after I have my partner. But it was only two years ago that I started to explore others’ dicks. Yeah, I know I am a late bloomer.

Just a few inches below my chin is a cock so hard that if I won’t do anything about it, it would probably say, “Asshole! Get your mouth around me or else I clobber you to death!” Hell! Of all the things I hate much is being told of what to do. You know how I hate to act on impulse. Let me think first. Uhrmmm... How many dicks have already experienced my unskilled mouth? One? Two? Three? Oh shit! I already have eight!

Okay, I think this stat is below than average compared to other guys, and sure there is still room for two other dicks to complete my fingers on my hands. Perhaps, sucking ten dicks will not still be qualified as “cocksucker”. Thus, lucky were the guys who have experienced my discriminating taste buds. Where are we?

Jack is looking down at me. His eyes are in anticipation of what I will do next. I grabbed the root of his cock with my hand and examined it closely. It was cut with a reddish brown head. The shaft is fatter at the top and tapering to the root. Its length could be around 6 inches. Is he bigger than me? I could not figure that out at this point. I lean over and lick the tip. I run my tongue all over the head as if to prepare it for a good showdown. I think I am hitting some good spot because it starts to contract. The recipient is now taking deep breaths, full of anticipation. I put the engorged head inside my mouth.

From the cocks I already sucked, I still do not have a system of doing it. Well, is there really a system or a scientific way? That system where one can progress from one stage to the next until you will reach that particular stroke that will put your partner to orgasm? I know my mentor knows me well. He has control when he wants me to explode. Maybe I can match his style but with eight cocks on my portfolio, I think I still have to practice more.

Randomness. This is the only thing I could do on Jack’s dick. I would bob my head up and down on his dick trying to use my tongue as a slider on the shaft of his penis. I could do that. I can also vacuum the cock inside my mouth as I go up and down. I also concentrate on the head and suck it hard like a baby sucking on his mother’s breast. I think Jack is enjoying it. So, I thought I would do what most guys would like their partners do. This is to test how long Jack’s dick is. I suck on his cockhead first trying to imagine that it is the tastiest candy one could have, gather enough saliva, and finally drove deep into his cock. It is the first successful deep throat I made. I managed it without gagging.

There was apprehension on that first attempt but its success made me confident that I can do it again and again. Jack is enjoying it and maybe he would also build his confidence on doing the same to me. I shifted my position so he can reach for my cock but before doing the 69 position he suggested to close the door. I agreed. I told him not to lock it so when James and John would decide to join us, they could just come in. We assume the position again and start to suck each other’s cock.

It is double the fun and satisfaction when doing the 69 position. One is sucking and at the same time being sucked. How many times I feel that I am going to explode but I tried very hard to control it. There is so much time left but I am also thinking that I could still manage to have a second round just in case and I am sure that Jack can also do it. We continued on sucking each other. I was just enjoying it and when the point of orgasm is already building up my loins, I shifted back to the normal position and kissed Jack. I grabbed and applied pressure on the base of my dick just at the time when I heard some knocking on the door. We did not attend to it and continued kissing. I am already feeling the orgasm but the hold of my hand on my cock prevented the fluid to come out. I am not sure if Jack noticed my gasping of air as I continued to kiss him. After the orgasm subsided, I stopped kissing Jack and said, “I think they are ready to join us.”



Bruce Kho said...

come on trey. dont leave me hanging in here :)

Tom said...

I've been an avid follower of your blog. I hope you could post the continuation of this trip before the memories leave your brain. Please don't leave us on a cliffhanger. Pleeeeease?