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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's your number?

The average number of men a woman had slept with in the US is 11. That is according to the article featured in the film “What’s your number?” shown in 2011 starred by Anna Faris and Chris Evans. For men, there is no statistic for the average women he slept with, much as there was no information about homosexual men. Is the data factual in relation to reality?


To those who have watched the film, how many have thought of determining their own bed conquest just to have a glimpse of their own sexual activity? I think most men (both heterosexual and homosexual) viewers would look for a note and pen when they reached home and started listing the names of their trophies or retrieving their secret black book. I did.


Before making the list, I tried to define thins first. “Slept with” has to be sex in bed. Sexual encounters or activities extraneous to bed or bedroom must be excluded. However, those occurred on a sofa-bed should be counted.


To make it easier listing the names, I started with the most recent one which just happened last weekend. I used the editor of my phone to key in the names. It’s safer. The first ten names were easy but as I progressed, names were getting difficult to remember, so I made descriptions such as, the guy with a bird tattoo on his arms, the rower, the archer, the blue eagle, the maroon guy, the security guard, the nurse, etc. I also made a list composed of guy from Del Monte, guy from Filmore, guy from Pasig, guy from Amorsolo, etc. The number of guys I slept with that I remembered totalled to 33.


I don’t know if thirty three spells something. I don’t know how that fares with the average men, but I read once that men overestimate their conquests while women underestimate. When a woman says she had sex with 5 men, the actual number is 10. On the other hand, when a man says he had slept with 10, it is actually 5. Homosexuals are the only ones who spoke of the truth. Hehehe


Browsing through the list, the men are composed of strangers, bloggers, blog readers, friends, friends of friends, and a boyfriend of a friend. Strange enough, I don’t have a sample from gay communities such as planet romeo and manjam.


In the movie, “What’s your number?”, the lady protagonist stopped on the 20th men because the article said that beyond that, the woman would suffer some consequences. I supposed men would not likely suffer the same thing. As for me, sure there would still be an addition to the list. And maybe this time I should be strict on documenting them.


Bruce Kho said...

i somewhat expected a larger number but then maybe given the 'sex in bed' filter, your sex encounters were probably reduced to a third. ;) do correct me if i underestimated the stat. :D