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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foursome or ... (cont.)

The door is open. Should we close it? James and John are outside still drinking the remaining beers. Whether they have plans to make out or not, I still don’t have any idea. Perhaps if we would let the door remain open, we could set up the mood, would make them horny, and would eventually give in to their desires. We leave the door open.

Jack’s hands are all over my body now. My dick is already very hard from his manual ministrations. His long slender fingers are gripping the shaft strongly pulling and pushing them to the base and head of my cock. Yes, I could moan but as quietly as possible because I don’t want the two people outside of the room know how I am enjoying this with Jack. Of course they could join, but not now. The sensation I am feeling sends electricity making my body to tremble. I retreated back and seek to balance myself on the chair behind me. I sit.

The hand holding my dick did not stop its pulling and pushing motion. The friction on the head of my penis against the fabric of my shorts is becoming unbearable. It made me gasp for air. I don’t want my erection to fade away so I push the garment down exposing my dick in front of Jack’s eyes. He looked at it and started to squeeze my dick hard. He resumed the movement of his hand with a viselike grip and every time the hand reaches the bulbous head I could see it swelling more.

“Put it in your mouth.” I coaxed Jack. He leaned over but instead of driving his mouth to my cock, it reaches for my mouth. I have my rules on kissing, no to bad breaths. The first touch of his lips on mine, I immediately test it for odor. I smelt nothing offensive so I allowed him to kiss me. Modesty aside, I see myself as a good kisser. Jack is a little sloppy still. He opens his mouth big enough that it almost covers my entire mouth as if resuscitating me, but I credited it to his experience. At 23, maybe he has still a lot to learn. Tongue kissing?

To signal Jack that I have enough of kissing, I started to avoid his mouth and shifted to his neck. He got the idea and he also started kissing my neck, my shoulder, and moved down to my chest. He covered my entire torso, nibbling, kissing, and licking. Meanwhile, his hand is still servicing my dick below. I was feeling that my dick is reaching its optimum potential by how Jack’s hand moved on my entire length. He is doing well in that department.

Jack’s head is already on my lower abs. His chin is already touching my cock yet I feel I could not still get my well-deserved blow job. I need to get it now so I placed my hand on his head and gently push it down. Fortunately, Jack sensed my eagerness for an oral satisfaction that he finally and slowly enveloped his mouth on my dick. This is heaven. After fifteen minutes of waiting, my dick is enclosed inside a warm mouth. I allowed Jack to do his thing below. I wanted to know how he does it.

He was too careful I think. If he was very sloppy in kissing, I thought he is too conservative when it comes to oral sex. I am watching him while his mouth sucks my cock. I like his long and slow strokes but I could see that he could not put my entire cock in. I don’t know if he is new to this. On the other hand, I like the way he treats my cock with his mouth. He really played on it. He would remove my cock from his mouth and looks at it as if admiring it, and then he would lick the body and head with his tongue. He would also lick my balls occasionally. This boy is something. I decide to return the favour.

I stood from the chair and removed the shorts completely from my legs. I guided Jack to the chair so I can shift the sofa into bed. I lifted Jack to stand and helped him removed his shirt and pants. Underneath I saw a basketball short. That amused me. Why would he be wearing that? I thought that the most possible reason would be is to make his legs bigger. Jack is indeed thin. I looked at his slim body. It’s not my ideal but there are some faint cuts in his abdominals. That’s good enough I think. His cock, which is already erected, is also thin and maybe lengthy since it almost touches his navel. I like what I am seeing. I push Jack on the bed.

My kiss starts with his lips. I did not drive inside his mouth at once but gave him some slight pecking at first. After that, I kiss his lips slightly and slowly tried to suck each lip hard. I kept at it for some time then inserted my tongue inside. We allowed our tongues to play with one another inside our mouths. Jack is just following my lead. I could just feel how he tried to keep it up with me.

Feeling that I have already introduced Jack with my kiss I moved down to his chest. Hard and bony, that is the only description I could say about his body. Nevertheless, since it is small, I covered it in just a few minutes. I could sense that he like it very much especially when I went down to the area of his waist, especially his navel. Every time I flicked my tongue on it, his abdominal muscles would contract and he would let out a moan. I could have lingered on it but I still have to decide what I should be doing with his cock that is touching my neck. Should I suck it or not?



Mugen said...

This one is a classic. Written in detail by the Kuya Trip I know. Hehe.