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Monday, February 20, 2012

Foursome or ...

“When the cat is away, the mouse will play.” This cliché is no longer true with me since I can always play even when the cat is present and intriguingly even, the cat could always join the game that the mouse is playing. Weird to most but hey, aren’t we all having the option of choosing what is best or let’s say satisfying for us? Certainly yes, we do. Moreover, would it not be interesting if a different game is introduced while the cat is away? So now, what game is the mouse contemplating of doing?

“Can you give me the direction to your place again?” Jack asked me through text. He told me he was already at Boni MRT Station. I told him what landmarks he needs to remember and must not forget to text me again when he reached Jolibee because I’m going to pick him up there. This would be our first time to meet. I just knew him from a social application I downloaded for my new phone. Although I haven’t seen his body on the site, I thought his height and weight is ideal. He is 23 years old, 5’6” and 124 lbs. From this statistic, I made my assumption that he would be at least lean. His photo also seemed to suggest that he is not effeminate. He has a little moustache, a regular (not oversized) aviator’s shade, and in checked polo. He was just a simple, regular guy.

“He’s coming.” I declared to James who is preoccupied with the keypad of his phone. He looked at me and said, “Good, John will be coming too.” I looked at him questioningly but I did not utter a word. I was thinking that this would only be a threesome yet with the addition of another guy, this would turn out to be a foursome. Is it, or would it be considered an orgy already?

After a few minutes, Jack texted me. I put on my shirt again and hurried to Jolibee. I saw a slim guy carrying a backpack standing on the street across the gasoline station. He looked pretty serious. My first impression was he looked more like one of my blogger friends who I treated like a brother. Shit, would I get a hard on with this guys? I asked myself.

He spotted me and made a faint smile. Ahhh. This one is a silent and shy type of guy. I thought. I acknowledge him with a nod and cross the street. “You seem tired.” I told him. “Yeah, your place is really far from mine.” He said. “We still have 3 kilometers to cover.” I kidded. He just smiled again. The conversation between us was very minimal until we reached our apartment.

It is only 8:00 and my housemates are all up and getting ready for their shift at work. I introduced Jack to James and to my housemates. I offered him to sit at the couch but opted to sit on the wooden seat adjacent to it. Feeling like a stranger, I could feel how uncomfortable Jack is. I would try making a conversation but his words are limited to a minimum. I thought he is too shy to converse so I choose to talk to him through text. I asked him if he’s okay. He said that he feel awkward. I could just feel sorry for him. I told him that we could postpone this but he said he was already very horny and asked me if we could go to a motel. I told him that I don’t go to those places. He said he’ll do whatever I say.

I know that my housemates would be leaving soon so to break the ice, I offered that we should have some beer. “Let me buy the beer since I would also be picking John up.” I thanked James for his effort.

When James returned, John is already with him. I immediately checked John out. He was also of the same height like us. He is okay although he is a little too loud and I could see a little protrusion on his midsection. James told me that he is a cheerleader.

Our first housemate has already left the apartment but the second one looks like he would be staying home. To confirm my intuition, I jokingly asked him what time would he be leaving. He said that he is off-duty tonight. Sarcastically, he told me that I should not worry for he’ll be going to sleep to let us have the privacy we need. I chuckled at his sarcasm.

The housemate went to sleep at around 12 midnight. The alcohol is already getting into my system. Seeing the opportunity, I went to our bedroom and look for an alibi on how to bring Jack with me. “Jack, do you know how to open the files from an external drive using Apple?” I asked him. Getting the hint, Jack stood up and went to the bedroom. “Jack, are you already drunk?” He replied, “I am.” I laughed. I let him sit on the sofa bed beside the computer chair where I am sitting. I took his hand and put it on my crotch. He started to grab my dick and stroke it. “Isn’t it you texted me that you need motivation?” He smiled. I stood in front of him and removed my shirt. I pulled his other hand towards my naked body. His hand started to explore my chest and abdomen while the other one is busy in making my dick hard.