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Friday, February 3, 2012

Wanted Housemate

We are looking for two new housemates. Who would be interested? Perhaps I would be getting a number of inquiries from the readers of this blog through my comment page. If I would post my number here, sure I would also get some text messages and a few phone calls. However, how many of these interested people are really interested on checking our place and possibly convert them to a new housemate? I would probably say, less than 5 percent.

HB made an announcement that we are looking for new roommates/housemates in an online gay community where he is a subscriber. Last Wednesday, he received two inquiries through this site and told me that they might check out the place. For me, I had this idea that using this site to post such an ad can get replies but whether it is legitimate or not, that would be tested when the first respondent would come in to our door. Nevertheless, I am hoping for the best.

That night, I did not go to the gym since I decided to visit our housemate in the hospital with HB. HB was preparing dinner for both of us and our hospitalized housemate while I was sitting on the couch watching TV. I was still in my work clothes (jeans) without the shirt on. After a while, HB went out of the door. I thought he would just buy something for what he was cooking. Few minutes later, I saw him opened the door while talking to someone. That was only then that I learned that he picked someone up. I thought that someone would be one of those “friends” we had before but it turned out that he was one of those guys who were interested in checking out our place. It was too late for me to go to our room and put my shirt back.

The guy, from my point of view, was short, skin was fairer than ours and maybe in his mid or late twenty’s. He was in shorts and carrying a bag with tennis rackets in it. He seemed to be already acquainted with HB from the tone of his voice. It was very casual and assuring. Since I was not introduced I just ignored them and let them do their business. I focused on what I was doing because I knew that the inquiry would not take long. Unfortunately, I heard that he would be staying for a while. I was feeling uncomfortable on the couch because I could sense his eyes glancing at me. I remained still and waited until I could feel that we were ready to go. I stood and went to the sink to wash my face. Once again, I felt his eyes following me. All right, why would I would be the one to feel uncomfortable? Let him feast on what he was seeing. Thus, I made sure he would see what he wanted to see.

I went to our room to wear my shirt again. Outside, I could hear some exchange of words and then I heard him say goodbye. I then heard the door closed. When I went out of the room, HB said. “Did you know what he asked me?” “What?” I asked. “He asked me if you are my roommate and if he could have sex with you.” HB said. I laughed. “Really? But he is not my type.” I retorted. “Yeah right. You only say that but I know once he would sit beside you and he starts touching you, what you could just do is slump on your sit and thrust your hips up.” HB said and we both laughed. “Maybe but you know that I really don’t dig the ‘maganda’ type.” I grinned. “So, why did he leave?” I asked HB. “He asked me if you would be coming with me to the hospital. I said yes, so he left. He thought he could have you alone here.”

So there goes the potential housemate. I was right. Guys from the gay sites would only be interested on the guys living in our apartment. They would only be interested on the guys they would meet in the place when they checked it out. Their interest basically is how to get into the pants of these guys, ours. That was Wednesday night. The following day and today, HB was telling me that the guy is still asking if he could have sex with me. Well, I could not tell whether HB was telling the truth. I don’t like looking at his messages just to prove it. It’s enough to prove that my theory is right. Therefore, I conclude that we should not entertain guys coming from gay sites.


Mugen said...

If you're confident with your own skin, you don't have to broadcast your intention right? If it ought to happen, it will happen.

Victor Saudad said...

hmmm... i have a lot of guy housemates, and most them i find cute. but i never thought of them in a sexual way. i just find it awkward, ang pagnasaan ang kasama sa bahay.

Chip said...

Kelangan ba bato bato rin ang katawan ng mag-a-apply na housemate ninyo? Parang yun kasi ang qualification eh. Hahaha!

Trip said...

@Mugen, fate? hahaha. not a believer. hehehe.

@Victor Saudad, "i just find it awkward, ang pagnasaan ang kasama sa bahay." totoo pero di masama. that is some natural behavior to think like that with ur housemates. BI talaga ako. hehehe

@Chip, di naman requirement ang bato bato na katawan. ang importante marunong magbigay ng share on time. madaling gawing bato bato ang katawan kung kami ang housemates. joke. hehehe

Ruru said...

I'm interested here.
Please do email me.

Elmer said...

hi. are the slots still available? i would like to inquire about the place. here's my e-mail hope to hear from you soon.