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Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet My Mom

The one who marketed her son as a sexual being, claiming that her son has a large dick, won the searcher’s choice.

Sometimes we need other people to bridge us with someone we cherish. They would speak for us and sometimes they would even stand as our replacement in a date. They serve as our spokespersons, mediators, pimps, or simply speaking, our bridges. Their role is to get information about them, build credits, and subsequently to sell us. In short, we need them to get our apple of the eye.

Yesterday, I was busy doing something on my computer and the TV was tuned to ETC. “Meet My Mom” was playing but I was not really paying attention since I am not the one who chose the program. The program is a reality show about a searcher who would date the moms of three “searchees” so he or she would get an idea who to choose as his or her date at the end of the show. The featured searcher in the episode was a man. He is well-tanned, nice body, nice smile, and bubbly personality. He had my interest but I was also busy on something.

On the course of the program, I was expecting to see younger ladies who would be the choices for the date. Instead, I kept on seeing the moms every time I raised my head to watch. Suddenly, I heard one mom using the pronouns such as “his”, “he”, and “him”. I thought I was just mishearing it yet paying more attention to the program my ears were right. I got even more curious and my eyes were glued to the TV in the next hour.

The conversations between the moms and the searcher were intriguing. They talked more on sex and sexuality. One particular mom asked the searcher whether he’s cut or uncut. The same mom spoke of the size of her husband’s penis. Even the activities they engaged were more adult like building a sand castle that looked like a man's sex organ. Words were even more straightforward and many were censored as suggested by the beeps while the characters were speaking. As a whole, I must say that that episode was very revealing.

After the program I just can’t help but wonder how the show could have affected the perception of the viewers on homosexuals since it showed a glimpse of a homosexual’s preferences. It is not a universal observation but likewise it may provide a profile on who prefers who.

The program showed three ways how the moms sell their sons. The one who marketed her son as a sexual being, claiming that her son has a large dick, won the searcher’s choice. The mom who took proud of his son’s occupation with his father lost. The mom who demonstrated how effeminate her son is, also lost. Why? Perhaps the mom who successfully marketed her son had a well understanding of how her homosexual son thinks. Maybe she knows that homosexuals are very attracted to large dicks. Maybe, but it does not mean that the other two mother-son tandems had poor relationships. Perhaps these mothers thought that like any other relationships, they must be founded not by sex but by love.

A good bridge does not always mean a good mother.


Guyrony said...

Revealing and yet, factual.

wanderingcommuter said...

you do not fail to make me pondering for these things you write...

Trip said...

@Guyrony, and how revealing that moms seem to be very in commune with their sons'(homosexual's) culture. :)

@wanderingcommuter, is that how bad i write? hehehe. or am i giving u a real cephalalgia? (just learned the word. might as well use it so as not to forget it easily.) hahaha.